an art work by jillanne

One of my fellow WC members Jillanne was so inspired by my Parrot Tulips in Vintage Vase
she contacted me asking if she could borrow the composition to paint her own version in watercolours.

It’s always interesting to see how others approach the same work whether it be compositionally or in subject. This is a perfect example of how the same painting in part, can have a style which is unique in its own right.

Jillanne explained that she would be painting daisies instead of tulips and would make the vase resemble cloisonné. She has presented an art work that is fresh and very different to mine. Although related compositionally, she has made it all her own with a different perspective on the vase along with its colour and design.
I love the freshness she has achieved...and the daisies are a delight!

Backgrounds are something i struggle with and i feel her choice of background colour well suited, giving it a cheery mood.

I very much appreciated her contacting me with her desire to try this artwork and asked her if she would return the favour by allowing me to post it on my blog.

My art journey means so much more to me than putting paint to paper and this has proven to be a wonderful stop along the way!

Thank you Jillanne for this ultimate compliment and for allowing me to post your work here.

Keep in touch and all the best!

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