magnolia in vintage vase
still life

no 3

34 x 23cm

watercolour on arches
300gsm cp fine

This was completed in watercolour group today
Not very happy with it in part particularly the centres and feel that it is spoilt - they are way to strong and take the focus away from the rest of the painting.

I do however like the composition and the colours as it is in keeping with the set of pictures painted previously so i have sketched this out again hoping to improve it second time around.


Nick said...

It probably wouldn't be difficult to lift or tone down the centers a bit if they bother you. I like the edges and how you are treating them, such an important part of painting that's too often overlooked. You keep getting better all the time, keep the pedal to the metal!

Sandy said...

This is beautiful Perugina! I love the composition ...the centres are fine too!

Srishti said...

Wow Perugina!!! I think this is my favourite of the three.. or maybe not.. I can't decide as they are all gorgeous!!! I just love all of these!!!


Thanks for your encouraging words NNG. This one has been difficult...working against a negative mindset!
I can only try and then try again.
Have since lifted all that Permanent Rose...opting for a softer approach.
There seems to be a trend towards lost edges at the moment... I'm glad you like this one even though it is plagued by faults.

BTW where's my personally dedicated No1 Fan signed copy of your DVD? (Ummmmm tapping fingernails on the table top)
I hope it gets here soon!

#$%! US MAIL SERVICE... They have lost my Buffy Painting! :O

One of my other paintings for a small show was overlooked and not hung! :O

Obviously not my week for art!

But you stopping by made up for the terrible week I've had with the universe obviously thwarting my art adventures. LOL


Hi Srishti,
What a timely visit... as you know!
You are being too kind. You must get that guest page up and running so i can pop in and see what's new in your world!
Thanks for your support and encouragement.

Waiting for my orchids that are all in bud to burst open so I can try them out too!


Hi Sandy, My computer time being restricted... I must have missed this as well as uploading pictures 3 times (ha!) being somewhat frustrated at the moment with other things happening... this perhaps was not finished with the correct mindset as mentioned earlier.

The centres were way too bright...eyecatching as it was I just had to tone it down a notch.
(See next post)

Thanks for your support.

Annie-Maree said...

Wow!!! PG these are so beautiful, I have not visited your site for a while :P I have been hermatizing.... But what an treat to see all your lovely work here. I just adore this , i9t is so beautiful!!!
Well Done !!!!!
love Annie....


Hi Annie, glad you have popped in.
Winter is a great time to hermatize!
Hope the kids are well and that you have added another brilliant "Floral Fusion" to make a series, they are way too gorgeous.

You are really becoming a wonderful watercolourist as well as pastel artist.

Thanks for leaving your thoughts here on this one. I since changed it...the centres although bold & bright, they really lacked sensitivity, shape and depth.
Keep well
Love to you