children's story & picture book
le belle ballerine
Published: May 1, 2008
Available in
Large Format
Hardcover with Dust Jacket
13 x 11 "
33 x 28 cm
24 pages

I'm so excited to announce my first Children's Story & Picture Book incorporating all 8 of my watercolour series le belle ballerine
It is about Anna who finds herself dancing centre stage in her first ever ballet.

Anna experiences all the excitement of a successful performance with the elegance and grace ballerinas are renowned for...
she is the star and Principal of Le Belle Ballerine.


Sandy said...

Congratulations Patricia.
It sounds beautiful....what age group is it for?


It would make a perfect gift and keepsake for any little girl (5 - 8) who loves Ballet and dreams of becoming a Ballet Dancer and perhaps even a 'Prima Ballerina.'

It's a real 'girly book' featuring all the artwork pertaining to the series.

The book will appeal differently depending on the age group.

I have a few of these little girls in my life that would love this book as a keepsake and can't wait to give them as gifts come their birthdays, one in particular who is very much into all things ballet.

It also has a specially designed vintage style page for the owner of this beautiful book to place their name and photo in.

Thanks for your suppport.

Giulia said...

Hi darling,

Sorry to hear that you have been sick. Glad you are feeling well, take care. Sei bravissima, la ballerina is BEAUTIFUL. I want to come only to see all your work.

This period for me is so so so busy with wine fair and you can immagine what I have at home ....with Paolo's clothes!!!

No matter, I go on ....I must... I forgot also that I have that bag for you from Ada I to mail it this week.

Ti voglio bene



Thank you Giulia,
You have to come soon.
Ti voglio bene anch'io.

I have prepared a pachetto fo you too!