a day with david

Yesterday i spent the day with a most talented Australian artist, David Brayshaw.

Gladly sharing his private studio time with me and his paintings , providing me with an insight into his life experiences as an artist having spent many years living by the sea with a passion for capturing it.

Demonstrating not only his expertise and deft hand in oils, but also his ability to share openly in some techniques which he uses to create his magnificent seascapes!
A subject as beautiful as it is difficult.

On my journey home, after leaving his studio yesterday, i felt very much overwhelmed by his generosity. Giving of his time, knowledge, spirit and hospitality which he willingly shared with a stranger!


Thank you for your help, time and patience!
Feeling very much out of my depth with this medium and subject matter.
I will continue with the oil painting you started me off on.

My art journey and my reasons for painting are probably very different to others who pursue art. Leaving something of myself behind on this earth and today you have played a part in helping me do this.

Thank you.

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Dave said...

My pleasure, glad you enjoyed the day...and the pecan pie.. (-: