This was given to me recently by an Artist and friend of mine

Sandra Wilson

I am a fan of her work in watercolours
and absolutely loved this when I saw it.

Her generosity of time and spirit will always be remembered and treasured.

Her support and encouragement in my art work has been invaluable and
I thank you Sandra.

I love our chats!

You can see Sandra’s beautiful watercolour work and more at



Sandy said...

I am honoured that you wished to have this small "Sophie" in your home. You have certainly framed her most impressively....she looks very comfortable in her new surroundings.


Sandy, I am the person who will be forever reminded of your generosity of spirit and for that I am honoured... she is indeed treasured and you are a talented artist... one that I am proud to know and have feature in our home here in Sydney.

I look forward to our continued friendship and support of each other during 2008.

One day we will meet up here or in your beautiful part of the world.

Please "air kiss" that beautiful city of yours when you visit it...(giggle giggle)

Hugs & Kisses to you.