A Busy Year

It has certainly been a year of ups and downs.
In regards to art...
I can now say I have been a member of my Local Art Society for one year
and have attended Watercolour Classes under the tutelage of
local Sydney based
Award Winning Artist
Norma Jones.

I thank Norma
for her support and encouragement throughout the year
and will look forward to her weekly class in 08…
that’s if she’ll have me!

Oh… I can be such a rebel! Maybe I’ll even enrol in a double!
Perhaps I will one day convince that maintenance man that drops in from time to time to be
our nude model!
I will continue to be a member of the
Bankstown Art Society in 2008
and look forward to entering their
seasonal and yearly exhibitions.

I can’t believe that I have painted all the works
that feature in My Blog in this time frame.
I hope I can add as many in the next year.
The year afforded the luxury of my first computer…
and then a digital camera!
The engine almost stalled on the “steep learning curve!”
and now feel I know a few things in this regard.
That’s a lot considering I knew nothing of emails a year ago, let alone linking sites and the rest.

I’ve met some wonderful people through my art endeavours this year,
both through the
Art Society
and through
Art on the Net.
All the beautiful, talented, wise students of the
9.30 am
Watercolour Class
My neighbour in class – and poet extraordinaire!
You are such a beautiful person!
One day I will own one of your Award Winning Budgies.

I’ll have to get rid of Chocky & Bu first!
Love your drawings!
Will always remember the one you did of me in class…
I was flattered!
The ever elegant
I am in awe of your spirit and youthfulness in mind.
I really admire you.
Never lose that twinkle in your eye!
I remember sitting in your place my first day in class… and you let me know it!
I love your courage.
I love you – get well soon.
Miss Rhonda – your teaching ways never leave you,
keep up your individuality through art.
The Cheeky one.
Keep the jokes coming!
The other Cheeky one.
Love your work.
Thanks for the never ending “bickies”
Your work is always so delicate and beautiful!
My “twin” in class.
Fellow Cancerian and painter extraordinaire…
yes… I do listen to you Reina despite you thinking otherwise.
From one “princess” to another…
Will miss you next year. Keep up the contemporary style and good luck in your art endeavours for 2008… see you around the shows!

Norma Jones
Watercolour Artist & Tutor
Can always get a job as a race caller at the Melbourne Cup!
I mean that very affectionately!
Love to you!

I thank you all for your encouragement in class
and your friendship throughout the year
and will look forward to the

"ruckus and banter"

On the Net in Art Cyberspace

Sandra Wilson
Your generosity of time & spirit is so valued.
Love our chats about art and other stuff.
My B&B Buddy too!

Annie-Maree Gill
We were separated at birth.
Your support has been so dear and it's so nice to have so much in common.
Your work is perfection!

Nick Simmons
You are one funny guy! Love the hair.... want the hair... I'll just settle for that hair!
Your work is too expensive, can't afford it!
Or maybe a good investment...ummmmm!
We'll talk later!
Jokes aside...
Thanking you for your encouragement and time and I absolutely love our chats.
I'm honoured to know such a talented man in the Arts.
Family & Friends
Your encouraging words and constant contact always amazes me.
Sydney forever!
La porta e aperta!
Love you.

For sharing in my art endeavours and for your sweet encouragement always.
Abbracci cari e baci.
I miss you. Come when you can!
"Forever young!"
They made a song about our saying! We should get royalties!
Ti voglio bene.

Sei Brava anche te!
You are also very talented.

You are always using that word 'talented' (blush) and that I should do something with it!
I’m doing… and I am trying!
Love to you always!
Your generosity of spirit amazes me constantly and your time is always appreciated.
Look forward to liaising with you in your support of
in 2008.
Love to you always!
To quote you...
"To think that without the intervention of one small, but very beautiful canary, our paths would never (maybe) have crossed! "
I couldn't have put it any better.
To B
For being in my life!
I love you.

Mum & Dad
Your love and support is infinite and I am forever grateful for your advice & encouragement.
I love you both more than you will ever know.

Just for being you!
From me
The Wog!


On the down side...

I lost my gorgeous girl
in May
She was my constant companion here at home.
Never further than my lap.
Always there when I painted.
I will never forget her unconditional love!
and those gorgeous little