lavender urn
12 x 32 cm

watercolour on arches
300gsm cp fine

This was the first "Urn" painting that inspired the others.

I have given this away to an artist friend of mine Annie, as she loved it and is also into vintage and old collectables.

I would’ve loved to have been there to have seen her face as she opened her her surprise package.

She has given me nothing but support with my painting and invaluable help.
I regard her friendship highly and although we have never met in person, my wish is that one day we can meet at The Sea Hath Its Pearls.

You know what I mean Annie.
Thanking you for the wonderful person you are!

You can view Annie’s gorgeous work by visiting her

website or blogspot

Gazing Out The Window



Charcoal and White Pastel,

on White Drawing Paper.


Thank you Annie for sending me this print as a gift.

I have it in my bedroom along with my vintage collectables of pretty things and it will always serve as a reminder of our friendship and the start of our art adventures together.


Annie said...

Thankyou so much Perugina. It was such a wonderful suprise to open your gift and find this gorgeous watercolour there for me. I have found a place to hang this, after I have it framed. Each day as I see this gorgeous urn filled with flowers I will be reminded of your kindness and our friendship which will indeed lead to meeting along side "The Sea Hath it's Pearls" day .... Thanks so much PG, your new blog is wonderful, and such a great way to showcase your work. I am looking forwards to visiting and finding more of your beautiful artwork here.
God bless my friend and may this year bring you peace and many blessings in your art career, may the doors of opportunity open for you in many ways, your work is lovely and will bring enjoyment for many, as it has for me :)
* hugs *



Thanking you for your message, you have such a way with words... not only a talented artist but one who can write with eloquence and grace.

Glod Bless you too Annie, and may the coming year be filled with much peace, joy and happiness for you always along with your beautiful children.

I am glad to have a piece of me there with you, and it will be a reminder of my support firstly as a friend and secondly as a fellow artist.

Let us rejoice in life and the beauty of it everyday... let us find inspiration in the smallest deed...these are what makes us rich in mind, body and spirit, and when you have this... you have everything.

Love to you.