Coco Kiss
A Tribute to her Life
(2005 - 2007)

28 X 19 cm


Bankstown Art Society
De Haan Gallery
Viewer's Choice
Winter Awards 2007

I had just lost my sweet girl Coco
from pneumonia as a result of catching cat flu.
I was devastated, as she was my constant companion here at home.
She lost her battle for life on the
4th of May at 4am, 2007.

I felt it necessary as part of my grieving process to complete this portrait of her.

I entered it into the
Winter Awards as I wanted to share my picture with all who viewed it.

I was overwhelmed when it was chosen as the winner of the
Viewer’s Choice Prize.

Read more about Coco
Visit her Blog below
A Dedication To My Gorgeous Girl


Robyn said...

What a beautiful, tender drawing, Patricia. It conveys both your grief and your love - and your talent.


Robyn, so glad you dropped in.

I don't want my Coco to be forgotten, and I was so glad that I was able to express my love for her with others though drawing, now and in the future.

Thanking you for your sweet words.

Amy said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! on winning the Viewer's Choice Award! You and Coco both deserve it. That is so wonderful. I think the love you have for each other shines through and touches others when they see the artwork.

I would not be surprised if Coco did have a hand in Chocky's timely appearance in both my life and yours. Things came together too smoothly when there were so many opportunities for them to go wrong. There were so many 'coincidences' and Chocky loved you immediately.

Some things, like Coco's love, are forever and some things, like Chocky joining your family, are just meant to be.

Best wishes always,