Chocky's Christmas Cheer

Couldn't resist taking his photo when he turned up in his Christmas gear!
Chocky is ready to party!

He is our new baby boy who is celebrating his first Christmas with us.

We adopted him as...

His previous owners no longer wanted him,
as he was somewhat of an impulse purchase
and weren't prepared for the high energy
and attention seeking ways of the Burmese.

So he started his young life isolated to the confines of their garage,
with his only social interaction being at meal time.

Chocky had some weird behavioural problems at first because of his isolation,
but he has overcome his shyness
and is now such a happy loving cat.

Coco, I'm sure had a hand in this...
I am convinced she helped find our way to each other.

I also need to thank my friend


Without her intervention Chocky would not be here with us today.


Chocky is incredible,
He has a sixth sense and always knows when I am in need of a cuddle!


nicky said...

omg just love it!!!!!


Hi Nicky,
Great to see you drop in!

I'm glad you love this... lol

I love it too... I shot a whole lot of these, he doesn't mind the Santa Hat and is quite happy to wear it all day!

I’m convinced he is a person in a fur disguise!

How have you been?

Seems a little quite these days on the BOL forum.
Have to rename it Perugina’s Forum! Lol…
Let me know your news!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photo. I love the Santa hat. You are very talented

Anonymous said...

Fantastic photo. Love your work. Y

Carolyn (Amy's Mum) said...

I enjoyed reading thru your blog.

Thanks for including Amy and Austin - that was really nice of you.

As I was reading and looking at the photos of Coco and Chocky a shudder ran down my spine at the similarity between the two.

Chocky is almost like a reincarnation of Coco. Am I right in a vague memory of Amy telling me they have the same grandmother? Even the names are both similar. How apt!

I know one can never replace a loved one, be it animal or human, but Chocky certainly looks as if he's filling the void quite nicely - that's lovely.

Thanks again.....take care.


Hi Carolyn,
Great to hear from you!

Glad you liked my Blog and thanks for taking the time to browse through.

About Coco and Chocky, I didn’t know any of Coco’s history, but I am so gob smacked at their similarities!

He is such a beautiful boy and you don’t know how many times I think Coco bought us together!

I have Your daughter Amy to thank also for being the go between and for saving this precious boy!

He gives the best licks, hugs and head rubs!

Coco could never be replaced and I thank God for her life too, and a day never ever goes by that I don’t think of her.

Chocky helps to reminds me of her everyday as I see so much of her in him!