agapanthus bloom
14 x 42 cm
watercolour on montval

Inspired by the beautiful blooms about my garden and neighbourhood come summer time.

Almost like a firework these wondrous flowers burst into masses of blue and white colour.


Sandra Wilson said...

I love this too Perugina! As already stated , it is alive and fresh as well as delightfully loose.

Montval paper ....I have never used ( at least I can't remember using it) I must keep a look out for it.
Looking forward to catching up with you..
Cheers Sandy

Ingridr (AFF) said...

These are gorgeous! I have them down my driveway and they make a lovely display at Christmas time!
Yours are great!

Jewels (AFF) said...

We have got a garden full of them as well, they are so pretty when in bloom and you have captured the beauty of this flower, well done

Jayde (AAF) said...

Lovely. That loose application gives this painting a sense of spontaneity.