make me cry

preliminary work
watercolour & gouache

on arches 300gsm cp

38 x 50 cm

inspired by the large full moon of
Saturday 8th august 2009

painted tuesday 11th august, 2009
perugina art © 2009 patricia vannucci
words © 2009 patricia vannucci


After a long break from painting, the weekend finally saw me bring brush to paper.

i feel i have lost that connection with the fluidity of watercolour and so was overwhelmed with thoughts of starting.

i have also been without my computer for the last month as it had a major meltdown and needed hard drive replacement, so i am feeling overwhelmed on many fronts!

my apologies to you all for my long silence, hoping and trust you understand, it may take me a while to catch up with everything and to come around to see what you have been doing.

looking forward to your continued support, it is very much appreciated.


Krista Hasson said...

Glad to see you back! your work is fantastic, can't wait to see what you do next. Hope you have a fantastic day!

Miriam said...

Finalmente sei tornata!!! Un grandissimo abbraccio!!
Mi mancava la tua arte, tutto bene? Sei tornata alla granda splendido l'acquerello...ed anche la poesia!!

Jade E. Henderson said...

so refined and classy, but still with beautiful sadness. I love this painting - and the words too! Glad to see you again PG!

Anonymous said...

First, WELCOME BACK! You have been missed greatly. Great to see the creative juices working again.
Second, I do like this work very much. Its sad, but the "wash" over the moon softens it. It reminds me somewhat of your Garden God. You have a thing with eyes.
Wonderful painting to announce your return. Look forward to more in the future. L

Wendi. S. said...

Welcome back ! Youve been missed.
Love this piece. The moon and the eye its just.........hauntingly lovely.

Vesna said...

Ahhhh- I'm sooooo happy to see you back dals - HUGS!!!

Nick said...

This looks like one of your best Patricia, it's wonderful! I'd be thrilled with it as is! Will be very interested to see where it goes from here.

Pencil Sanity said...

What a great start to your return. Glad to see you making your connection with the brush again.

perugina said...

Hi Krista.. thank you so much for the warm welcome and your kind words of encouragement. I hope to visit you soon in the next couple of days as i very much admire your work.. there seems much to catch up on and can’t wait to get back into the swing of things.
Keep up those magnificent watercolour works!

Ciao Miriam.. che bello trovare un commento da te – un grandissimo (((abbraccio))) a te! Sei sempre nei miei pensieri. Spero che per adesso non ho piu` problemi con il computer! Mi devi scusare per il mio lungo silenzio. Spero anche di riprendere l’acquarello alla forte.. me la devo fare piano piano. Ti vengo a trovarti presto al tuo blog!

My dear Jade.. so good to be back online finally, and happier still for this lovely welcome back.. I have missed being part of the blogosphere world. You have been working hard i see and making wonderful progress with your art – awesome!
It will take me week or two to get my act together. Again thank you for your continued support and kind words to help me on my way to getting started again.

L.. You are so sweet, thank you so much for this warm welcome, especially since i was so anxious posting work up after such a long break. I have missed all the wonderful support! Thank you also for your thoughts on this piece. I do have a ‘thing with eyes’ they fascinate me!
Nice to have your comments relate back to my other work The Garden God II I have great affection for this work and funnily enough i had those same thoughts.
Wishing for many nice waves now that i find myself back in the water!

Hi Wendi.. You are so sweet, thank you for stopping by with your warm welcome. I have missed you too!
To say that you “love this piece”.. and that it is ”hauntingly lovely” is most encouraging – thank you!

Vesna.. big (((hugs))).. I’m sooooo happy to be back.. gave up on going to internet cafĂ©! I hope to catch up with you and all your news.. I trust you will be understanding.. it will take me some time to get back into the swing of posting and visiting – everyone has been so busy painting which is fantastico!

Hey Nick Awww so kind! Your comments, continued support and friendship mean much!
I will also be very interested to see where this all goes! I’ll make sure to let you know as soon as I do! Lol!!!!
Congratulations to you again on the PWS GM! :)

Hi Maria.. thank you so much for stopping by with your kind words, it encourages me. I have connected with my brush by way of picking it up, it felt strange after what has seemed a long time. I hope all is well with you and that you are continuing to create those magnificent pencil drawings – you are an inspiration!!!
Will be over soon to catch up on what you have been doing. (((hugs)))

Billie Crain said...

I'm happy to see you painting once again! Love this one.:) It's superb and very symbolic.

cabap said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Patricia,your work is fantastic,
I love it,
jan :)

perugina said...

Hi Billie and welcome!
I am very happy to be painting again after an extended break and happy also to have the computer in working order – well so far anyway!
Thank you for your kind words on this piece, it is most encouraging.. glad it appeals to you and thank you for taking the time to stop by, your support is valued. Your Main Coon Kitten WIP is wonderful!

Hi Jan and welcome!.. Thank you for those kind thoughts. I would like to reflect those words back at you! I will look forward to following your blog.

mimi said...

Anche a me mancavi! :)

perugina said...

Hi Mimi.. aw... ditto! :)
sono contenta di essere tornata!

Italo said...

Perugina, se dico quadro al bacio ti offendi? :D
Bellissimo l'occhio e la lacrima.
Seguirò il tuo blog con particolare piacere. Ciao e buona settimana!

perugina said...

Ciao Italo!!
Resta tranquillo, che non mi offendo! :)
Grazie tanto per la visita, sarai sempre ben accolto.

Tito said...

Ciao Perugina, che piacere dopo tanto tempo ritrovarti sul tuo blog con un nuovo acquerello. E' un lavoro molto bello e suggestivo e, come spesso presente nella tua arte, pieno di dolcezza e di una vena di malinconia. Un'opera e una poesia che fanno pensare.....

perugina said...

Ciao Tito.. ti ringrazio molto per le tue gentile parole che mi incoraggia.
L'arte fa tanto parte della mia vita. La voglia di pitturare viene quando qualcosa mi inspira direttamente o pure come mi sento spiritualmente ed una riflessione. Ma comunque e sempre pitturata con la passione.
Sono contentissima di 'vederti'.
Un abbraccio