notes on a violin

watercolour on arches
300gsm cp fine

38 x 29 cm


watercolour blooms are not accepted by everyone, personally i really love them!
to me it is what really screams 'watercolour'!

i am thinking of painting a larger version of this where i can really let loose on those washes, colour interactions and encourage even more blooms, backruns and drips.

i've been hoarding some 640 gsm arches paper.. perhaps this is the time to rip open the wrap on this beautiful paper.

painted 19th august, 2009

perugina art © 2009 patricia vannucci


Wendi. S. said...

I once learnt violin. Nice one. LOL
I'm not a watercolourist. so I assume that a bloom is the blotting paper like effect. I love it. thats what I like about watercolour.

perugina said...

Hi Wendi! LOL..
WOW.. you once learnt violin?
how did you go?
do you still play?
on the bloom/s.. can you see those cauliflower like things on my art work.. that's what i'm talking about! LOL I don't know what blotting paper is - sorry LOL.
Glad you can appreciate them tho! :)

magicmyst said...

Hi Peruguina, good to see you up and painting again. This piece is a powerful image and I enjoy the blooms too. Not that I am a water color expert. I think ripping into a large picture of this would be very exhilirating. Go for it. I can't wait to see it!

Italo said...

Perugina, che violino magnifico!!!!!
L'acquerello, lo adoro ogni giorno di più.
DOvrebbe essere molto più difficoltoso fare acquerelli di grandi dimensioni. I'm waiting for your next piece of art.

mario said...

Oh Perugina, ritrovo finalmente, dopo un lungo silenzio, la tua poesia più bella!!

Jade E. Henderson said...

a very romantic painting PG!

Don Coker said...

Beautiful work, Perugina! You have a unique way with watercolor.

Tito said...

Perugina, che bell'acquerello per un soggetto veramente non comune! Un violino solitario, dipinto da un punto di vista personale e unico direi!! Devo dire che sai sorprendere i visitatori del tuo blog con l'originalità dei soggetti dei tuoi dipinti.....ma anche per la delicatezza e la maestria con cui realizzi i tuoi acquerelli.

Billie Crain said...

I really love the look of this macro view of a violin, Perugina. Your palette is very pleasing to the eye and I find it calming.

perugina said...

Hi Kay! It’s great to be painting again! Appreciate your comments powerful image perhaps because I have simplified the violin with this close up view. It really is a delicate/fine instrument with much detail in wood grain which I omitted replacing it with watercolour wash instead. I am keen to explore this on a larger full sheet of Arches or even bigger than a full sheet.. i’m playing with this idea/image in my mind at present. Thanking you for your continued support.

Ciao Italo, sono contenta di rivederti qui! Sapere pitturare in acquarelli e` una grande cosa, spero con ogni giorno che ci provo, vengo a sapere un po di piu`. Loro con piu` esperienza mi dicono che piu` grande e` piu` facile e, penso come una Ferrari camminare a limiti stradale in citta` troppo faticoso.. ora vorrei correre, volare.. dammi lo spazio come sia in campagnia o il cielo in alto. Grazie Italo per queste parole m’incoraggia.

Ciao Mario! Sei troppo gentile. Grazie tanto. Sono contenta di riverderti e per queste parole di incoraggiamento.

Hi Jade! Thanks for dropping in with your thoughts.

Hi Don! Welcome to my blog and thank you for those kind words.

Ciao Tito! Non so come rispondere, i vostri commenti mi lasciano senza parole e questa ultima forse di piu` che mi ha colpito. Hai indovinato che questo violino lo dipinto da ’un punto di vista personale’ non solo perché è una vista ravvicinata, anche perché è un dipinto del mio violino. Nella storia del arte penso i violini dipinti fra i soggetti ne sono molti, forse mi sbaglio, non ho studiato l'arte a fondo. Sono contenta che trovi sempre qualcosa differente.. sono tanta inspirata dalla musica, e in questo momento il violino.
Nella vita ce molto da imparare, vero? E non siamo qui per molto.

Hi Billie! Your support by way of your return visits here leave me encouraged as your work inspires me and you have much experience in watercolour. Thank you for your kind thoughts on this as well as those your left on WC.

Wayne said...

Hi PG,
Violins we have in common, and seeing this one reminds me of my first acoustic violin. Although I now mainly play my Yamaha electric violin, it has the same tuning: G-D-A-E. Seeing that letter sequence under the strings in your watercolour suddenly seemed to read as "g'dae", (Aussie for "Hi!") and is something I'd never thought of until seeing your painting!

I like the way you have cropped the violin. Re 'blooms' -- yes, they're a large part of the charm of the medium. BTW you may find there are less blooms or that they're more subtle on the heavier weight 640gsm unless you create larger differentials of dampness between areas of the paper. The blooms still occur, but they look somewhat different on 640gsm. That's been my experience anyhow.
Best wishes,

Wayne said...

PG, .. I note the fine-tuner on the E-string but not on the others! I like that attention to detail here, just as I'm sure others would who had studied violin. Thus I see in your painting a keenly observed rendering of the violin with an overall beautiful vertical axis of symmetry offset by the freeform blooms of your watercolour. Fantastico!

Nick said...

I love this one PG, great idea, and beautifully painted! Limited palette is perfect. Could make another series, nothing prettier than string instruments. Hope you check out the link I sent to Leonid Kogan playing Paganini's own violin!!!

perugina said...

Hi Wayne,
Firstly i need to acknowledge your return to blogosphere – welcome back!
I can only speak for myself, i have greatly missed your support and wonderfully worded art commentary you leave when doing the blog rounds, just as i am sure others have who have come to know you either personally or through this internet correspondence! With this said, i will try my best to reply to your kind comments(2).

The acoustic violin is an object of great artistic and classical beauty! I could not resist making a painting of my violin – hope it bought back for you many happy memories on seeing this..
This is my ‘Torana’.. unlike your ‘Ferrari’!
Did you know that Torana is an aboriginal word meaning ‘to fly’? You have your quills – and fine ones at that, i hear!

Funny you mention the title specifically G-D-A-E – my first question about the tuning of the strings was indeed that reply – ”just remember g’dae – aussie for hi!” – for you to have spotted this does not surprise me, you have a sharp eye when it comes to spotting connections.

Also thank you for sharing here your experiences using 640 gsm watercolour paper, and am now forewarned re blooms – much appreciated, perhaps i will reconsider this foray into 640gsm for this work as i have not yet commenced. It would be a good thing for me and indeed anyone who paints in watercolour to experience (at some stage) this heavier weight paper so as to gain a fuller understanding in the handling of this medium through practice.

Your additional comment and the time you have taken to do so is much appreciated, thank you for your kind thoughts and encouragement via this continued support – very generous as always!
grazie e ciao

Hi NNG!,
Glad you love it! Don’t know about another series (???) hard to believe hey (?), that i can just leave it as a one-off.. however, i do agree with you ’nothing prettier than string instruments’.
Thanks for the encouragement by way of your visits and kind comments here.
Your memory is good!
I most certainly did check out the link - thank you!
In a word.. Crikey!

Nick said...

Kogan ruled! But many outside of the USSR never heard him or about him..and he shunned publicity.

perugina said...

NNG.. i will run it by my maestro
once again thank you for sending me that link!
molto apprezzato!

SERGIG said...

questo acquerello è musica visiva, dove l'anima si fonde con le varie sfumature del legno del violino.
un bacione dall'Italia

perugina said...

Ciao Sergig
Un commento cosi bello non lo potevo immaginarlo!- grazie assai.
Non vedo l'ora di rifare un'altro.
Sono contenta di riverderti qui dopo un break!
Un abbraccio e baci da Sydney

Mimi said...

I love your violin! It looks like it is begging to be played!

Anonymous said...

hi, new to the site, thanks.