senza foglie
without leaves

watercolour & gouache
on arches 300 gsm cp

36 x 56 cm


being winter in the southern hemisphere at present, this was inspired by the deciduous trees about the place which lay dormant and are senza foglie – which is Italian for without leaves.

using masking fluid to leave the bare branches of the trees in negative so it left me free to play around with a wash of indigo blue, antwerp blue & permanent crimson, was just the ticket to ease my journey back into painting and reconnecting with watercolour.

i was not after a perfect wash and i really like to create cauliflowers, they fascinate me and i stand there captivated as they happen.

the moon was then added in before rubbing back the masking fluid to reveal the effect.

i’m not sure whether to call this a treescape or landscape nevertheless it was just an experimental exercise which i kept simple so as to get me going in a positive direction whilst utilizing a negative effect.

painted in watercolour group
13th august, 2009

perugina art © 2009 patricia vannucci


SERGIG said...

favoloso! complimenti

perugina said...

Grazie tanto Sergig :)