Artist’s Palette Magazine, Issue 71 (Published by Woodlands Publishing Pty Ltd) distributed to North America, New Zealand and Singapore, has in this month’s publication featured a 6 page Insight Article and Demonstration about my work.

A very heartfelt thank you to its editor, Trevor Lang for providing me this opportunity to show some of my artworks and talk about my art journey and early inspiration, and also to show a work in progress via Demonstration featuring

Trevor has been more than generous featuring me in this art publication when some of my Watercolour Ladies appeared in the section Lang’s Gallery supporting beginning and emerging Australian artists last year.

The magazine is available now through newsagents and via subscription.

Thank you also to the magazine providing me with a quarter page add for Perugina Art which will appear in next month’s issue.

A huge thank you to those who have already seen the article and have emailed me or dropped me a line with best wishes of love, encouragement and support.

abbracci a voi tutti
hugs to you all.
la perugina


Suzie said...

Congratulations Patricia on your wonderful article in the latest Artist’s Palette Magazine. It was an inspiring read and your work looks amazing. The detail in the blue swimmer crab was just extraordinary.
I hope that this is a sign of only good things to come for you and wish you every success for the future.
Best wishes always …

Joyce Williams BAS said...

Hi Patricia
Congratulations how wonderful to be once again included in AP magazine.
Yes I saw your work in the art of Sydney exhibition.
I was one of the pre selectors.
Keep up to good work

Cheryl Newman said...

Congratulations Patricia as i know you have worked very hard to get this far.
I hope you are well. I will go out and buy a copy.
Take care
A big hug to you.

Anonymous said...

How exciting for you PG!!!!!!
I am thrilled for you, absolutely thrilled....oh watch out things are going to go up and up and up with your Art Career!! :)
Big big big CONGRATUALTIONS my friend!

James said...

Patricia, many thanks for your email & updates on your incredible & successful ‘art journey’...I always new you were not only beautiful but also very talented.

Johannes said...

Hey Patricia!
That is so awesome! I am so glad for you.
Congratulations for that.
I will read it carefully tomorrow.

Big hugs to you from me.
Johannes : )

Jean-Christophe said...


Philip Bonnici said...

A nice person deserves nice things. You will make it because your passion to art is infectious.

Rory said...

HEY P! CONGRATULATIONS on your article in Artists Mag....

How wonderful! are an artist, no matter what you might think privately...


Only the very very best wishes from Him XXXX0000 & XX00


Suzie, You are such a sweet person to have sent me this email.
I wasn’t even aware that the magazine was going to be out so soon.
You obviously subscribe – i have not seen it.
It pleases me to have you say it was an inspiring read. I have been so anxious over it.
Thank you for your heartfelt well wishes- i also wish this for you and your art being such an inspiration to those you touch and help.
You are indeed a woman with a huge heart and a great deal of patience and i admire you greatly.
I hope we have another chance to meet up and talk in 2009.
In the mean time…take care

Thank you Joyce.
Love and take care,

Thank you Cheryl,
I hope all is well with you.
Thank you for your support and congratulations.
(((HUGS & LOVE))) to you

Michelle, gee that was fast!
I have only just posted!
Thank you so much for your enthusiasm.
What i am most grateful and thankful for is the wonderful support and encouragement i have had from so many i have meet along the way so far.
Leaving a part of myself behind through my art for me is enough - the magazine giving me this opportunity has enabled me to take another step in my journey.
Love to you...(((HUGS)))
Watch for the posty.

Jimmy, I miss you greatly and i am sending you my love and the biggest cuddle... and i'll be up soon to collect that hug only you can give!

Hi Johannes,
Thank you so much.
I am happy for this.
It has come at a good time to lift my spirits.
(((HUGS & LOVE)))

Thank you so much you very kind well wishes.

Hi Philip,
Hope my other emails reached you re: Blockers B&W portrait(awesome!!!) I'll swap you the AP Magazine for rubbing shoulders with pollies and sporting celebrities! :)lol!!!
Thank you for your kind words of support, and well wishes.
All the best to you,
Keep in touch with your news, always great to hear what you get up to!
Love to you and Carmen,
la perugina

Hey Him,
Thank you so much for your wonderful email.
I can always count on you to put a smile on my face!
You know what my thoughts are privately as they are publicly - painter of pictures :) and still think this.
I am very happy with the article.
Reply when you can - hope your large WIP is going can't get over the size!
Thank you for you lovely well wishes - much appreciated as is your continued support and encouragement.
Her XO

Jade E. Henderson said...

Hey PG! Wow soon you will be high above, dancing in the stars and maybe I can see you on some clear winter night and we can wave to eachother! Congratulations for all your success, there is so much more to come! I will go and buy the magazine to see your stuff :D
love jade.

Wendi. S. said...

my heart is singing for you. How absolutely wonderful. And yet you deserve no less. Your work looks fantastic there in print. I will be off to the newsagent tommorrow.

Brilliance in in.........
The heart
The thought
The smile...............
* Shine on *

Sandy said...

Hooray! You are back on line!... AND WHAT A BIG RETURN!
Congratulations my dear friend! What a wonderful article! I am getting my copy of the magazine this week...I am so excited for you!
You have such an abundance of talent and creativity, it is so good to see your work acknowledged and presented for all to see and enjoy!

Vesna Designs said...

OH WOW-how excitig...this is so wonderful. I'm dashing out to get a copy...WOOOHOOO...your whole section looks sooooo I can show off to my friends that I have a famous ATRIST FRIEND !!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! This is such good news. What better way to demonstrate your talents. Heard about the glitches - hope they are all now fixed. I must buy a copy of the magazine tomorrow so I can see it IRL. Fantastic news & fantastic work. Keep well. L

Anonymous said...

I must say I agree with James. L

wayne said...

PG, it's a great and worthy credit to you to be honoured in this way, featured in an AP article devoted to your art. I applaud your intuitive approach, painting from the heart, inspired by Nature, the imagination. You bring an increasingly rarefied sincerity of emotion and compassion into your works such as your recent We Cry. Matisse said this about sincerity in art, "Above all, it [art] demands sincerity. I want to keep myself always in a high state of sincerity; for it is impossible to deflect inspiration." Your diversity of style i also admire and this reminds me of the great Chinese proverb, "When you draw a tree, you must feel yourself gradually growing with it." I pick up that feeling in Garden God II. And also in many other drawings, paintings and writings of yours.
Congrats again!

David Burge said...

Hey This is great news PG.
Congrats, looks fantastic, will have to see'f I can get one in Alice.

Ron Richmond said...

Great to hear, so now you are an celeb. Just back off the boat from NZ some pics for you.



Hey Jade, Aw…what a wonderful thing to say, to wish this for me as it is also my wish for you.
A little bird tells me that our paths will cross at some point in 09 - all going well.
I will look for you on that clear night mate!
My love to you.

Wendy, Thank you for these heartfelt well wishes and those beautiful inspiring words - I am touched! I will be beaming these thoughts back to you - all the very very best for your upcoming exhibition with the girls, will be thinking of you.

My touchstone… hey Sandra, Re the computer…I’M BACK! YES!!!!!!!!
Thank you so so much for your enthusiasm and for your friendship, support and love.
Haven’t installed “that talky thingy yet!” Lol!!! I am still having some computer glitches… almost back to normal. Can’t wait to talk to you and get your thoughts and more importantly catching up on all the news!
Keep safe and keep well!

Hey Vesna,…lol!!! (((BLUSH))) You are just over the top man!
Can’t wait to get me a real life sample of your enthusiasm 'for life!'
(((HUGS))) to you…and hush now.

I love when the L makes an appearance!
Glitches…yeah…an understatement - have undergone a complete makeover - should have just re- issued me with a whole new unit!
Thank you for your continued support here inside ‘the blogosphere’ and on the outside!

Wayne, It is somewhat surreal seeing my work in print this way. I feel honored to have been included in this publication twice now - a wonderful opportunity to share with readers of the magazine a little of my journey so far, and an opportunity to also give something back by way of a work in progress - to share insights and information/like passing on ‘a baton.’;) I hope my passion for painting works such as GGII transfers itself - not just in the painting process, but also the inspiration/connections/emotions.
Your own words left here contain volumes of encouragement for me, as do the quotes below from Matisse and in particular the Chinese proverb (*synchronicity*), inspiration itself!
‘Painting from the heart, inspired by Nature, the imagination.’ - is at the cuore-heart of Perugina Art, “My works are very much inspired by my own direct experiences with emotions attached. I cannot simply paint for painting’s sake. I need that spark, a thought, which then sets fire to a concept, which is then developed and hopefully carried through to completion.”
My sincere gratitude for your support, encouragement and well wishes.

Hey David, Thanks for calling in again - so nice to have your support, I’m sitting here ‘chuffed’ whilst writing my reply to you - that you would go to the trouble of trying to pick up a copy over there to have a squizz!
Take care and make sure you always get home before dark!

Hi there Ron,
Who's a lucky boy...NZ eh?
Well I’m sure you'll have a few stories then!
Will look forward to the tales in w/c group as we 'high five' each other!

Miriam said...

Patricia: complimenti!!! Un ampio articolo sulle tue splendide creazionei!! Davvero uno splendido riconoscimento: sono felicissima con te e mi unisco alla tua gioia.
Un grande abbraccio ciao :)))

Nick said...

Wow CONGRATULATIONS Patricia, that looks like a fantastic feature, wish I could read it! Also a few pics I'm not familiar with. I don't suppose it's available over here, do they have a website where they archive articles, or can you post bigger files soon?


Miriam Ciao carina, Grazie veramente dal cuore. Sono tanta contenta come te puoi imaginare, ma rimango sempre piu content ache mi vieni a trovare qui nel mio blog – queste sono le cose che tengo nel cuore piu che tutto. Un fortissimo abbraccio a te.
A presto.
Translation Hello dearest, Thanking you from the heart. I am so happy as you can imagine, but I am more so that you have come to visit me here on the blog, these are the things that I have in my heart more than anything. Big hugs.
Talk soon.


NNG, Thank you for you support here… will email you the details. I won’t be able to post a bigger file as you would know. It has been a great learning experience.
A dopo.

Sandy Maudlin said...

Congratulations on the wonderful article and also for your beautiful artwork - so free flowing and expressive. Your self portrait is INCREDIBLE! It took my breath away when I saw it.


Sandy, extending you a very warm welcome! I am honoured to have you visit me here, your talents and knowledge in art are very much admired by me. Thank you for your kind comments re the Artist’s Palette Insight Article and for your positive words regarding my first self portrait, to receive these from such a talented artist as yourself is most encouraging.