the Garden God II
a tribute to Norman

67 x 38 cm

watercolour on arches
300gsm cp fine


This has taken forever and there are still some minor adjustments to make.

Also I would like to extend a big thank to Rory Stapleton on RB
(after discovering our mutal love of the works of Australian Artist Norman Lindsay)
for his help and encouragement during the last couple of weeks as i worked on this furiously.

His supportive emails, as he followed its progress and imparting his technical expertise in illustration and painting especially with regard to tone as it pertains to colour was much appreciated.
Thank you so much Rory.


My Inspiration

Here at my home, in my

'Upstairs Garden'
I have a large stone plaque with a face cast into it, which hangs on the western wall of the house, catching the last rays of sun each day.

He is the protector of my Upstairs Garden
Although there is no beautiful young naked maiden standing there in front of his gargoyle-like face, safely flaunting herself before his lifeless eyes…
I have nevertheless called him my “Garden God” in homage to Lindsay and his work.
The Garden God
Norman Lindsay


Anonymous said...

He is stunning PG!!!
I see this one getting an award of some kind!!
Congratulations on a beautifully completed piece!!

Jared said...

...I can see why it has taken forever Patricia. Amazing work, I don’t know how you do it, you have a unique talent.
I really like his eyes, they seem to follow me and see my being.
beautiful work Patricia !

Steph said...

Oh Patricia! I remember seeing this in progress on your blog….it’s a very profound piece and would look superb in a very large format, no frame, just on canvas. I absolutely love it.

Sandy said...

A fantastic finish Patricia!
Really beautiful work and your attention to detail is amazing...a very impressive painting in every respect!

Vesna Designs said...

He is just PHENOMENAL-so Beautiful...WOW-like SweetM, I can see an award for this one!!!!!

Jade E. Henderson said...

He looks beautiful PG, and those leaves are to die for. The detail is wonderful and the colours just perfect.

Anonymous said...

He is still scary, but now in a beautiful way. I know how much work you have put into this one painting, but the results make it well worhtwhile. You seem to have captured his inner soul. The detail & colours are stunning. Another wonderful painting. Your work just get better & better. Thanks for shareing it with us. L.

Ayie said...

The Garden God is a very beautiful painting. All colors and strokes gave a nice balance and harmony to the overall outlook of the painting. Very admirable

SrishtiArt said...

It's an excellent painting Perugina!!!! I do really love how you have brought the tones up... It (He) glows for sure... :D

Freda said...

This is absolutely dynamic, Patricia, well done

BLYTHART said...

This is fantastic, as is the tutorial.

BLYTHART said...

Being English, I hadn’t heard of Norman Lindsay, but I have checked him out. Thanks for making me aware of his work.

Renate said...

Amazing art-work Patricia…..

Keith R Will... said...

amazingly beautiful

Marion said...

oh, he’s stunning. what a wonderful use of colour.

Susan said...

Amazing work Patricia, just beautiful

Rory said...

WELL DONE, that ARTIST!....Beautiful…

Ingrid said...

He is fabulous!

Peter said...

Very intricate and complex,
I can see why this has taken forever!

What I really like is, that although it’s a tribute, you kept “Patricia” in there…

SERGIG said...

Perugina Hello!
how are you? your last works are fabulous!
Continues ......;-)!!
hello hello



I apologise to all for my tardy replies...was extremely tired, coupled with some other pressing events, luncheons...exhibition openings...dinner premiers...(sadly not Australia I was busy that night and sadly had to decline...)etc...the silly season is here! LOL

SM…Thank you so much, you are being too kind, but glad you think him ‘stunning.’
Honestly, it was reward enough to have completed him, I will however look forward to exhibiting him at my next opportunity – whenever that will be!
I’m exhausted and can’t think that far… 2009 perhaps?! Not far off now – however, far enough to have a short break.

Jared…His eyes have an intense look about them don't they?
Despite taking forever, I very much enjoyed this one.
Thank you so much Jared for your continued support.

Steph... So nice of you to have seen the WIP started long ago (August)on the blog and on RB, also I always welcome suggestions.
Thank you for your continued support.

Sandy…I have a few small ‘tweeks’ to make about the leaves. Glad you like it. I appreciate your kind thoughts on this one and your continued support is always very much appreciated.


V... You are too kind in your praise. Thank you for visiting, I haven't had a chance to come around to see you. I hope to in the next few days, check out what's happening in the world of Vesna Designs! I did read that you enjoyed that awesome exhibition in Perth by Jana Vodesil-Baruffi.

Jade...Thank you mate! Again apologies for not being around as much. Will catch you at some stage. I hope you haven't lost yourself in that computer game...don't know how you do it! BTW... Are you familiar with the works of Rose Moxon?

L...I know how closely you have followed this WIP. The 'Exhibition Opening' was awesome... so was the dinner afterwards! The police escort on the way home however was going a little over the top! LOL...


Ayie... Nice to see you again. Thank you for your kind words of praise.

Shristi...HI! Where have you been?! Great to have you pop in, hope you have been well. Was thinking of a few weeks ago and was going to fire you an email... Your thoughts on GGII and your support is appreciated always.

Freda...Thank you so much for leaving your thoughts on GGII. Your support and feedback is always appreciated.


BLYTHEART...Hi Dave, thanks for following the WIP and glad my GGII resulted in you having a look at the works of Norman Lindsaythank you for the comments in your journal Learning From Each Other On RedBubble..."I am as interested in art history as I am in drawing in painting … sometimes even more so. I only just learned about Norman Lindsay and his work today, through reading something written by Perugina on Redbubble. I love it when that happens..."
Also, I hope your exhibition at the local hospital in Blyth went well.
Thanks for visiting.


Renate...Thank you so much. Appreiate your continued support.

Keith...Thank you.

Marion...Thank you, Your continued support is appreciated.

Susan...Thank you, your support is valued.


R aka TOF, Him...THANK YOU...No!...I have said it already!
Patricia aka PG, Her!

Ingrid...Thank you, appreciate your support.

Peter... I will say it here as well as what i said to you on chat... That is a major compliment! To say that you have 'become familiar with my style' and that you can still 'see me' in there made me very happy. Something that I stressed in the article in AP magazine, which you now know about -
'Painting and drawing intuitively and endeavouring to incorporate your own interpretations to a piece, rather than just copying, for me has a sense of freedom,
and presents an opportunity to infuse into it your own style.'
Thank you for your support.


SERGIG...Ciao, come va?
Thank you for dropping in with your thoughts on my 'ultimi lavori'. Mi ha fatto molto piacere.
A presto!

Nick said...

Great, and thanks for turning me on to Lindsay, he was definitely a black belt in w/c. You're getting there yourself!


NNG...That's very kind of you to say! Your welcome.
As for "getting there myself"...'hardly'... Now I know you're lying! LOL
Also thank for showing restraint re; the 'mug comments'...must have been stressful!

Speaking of 'untruths' the game called TAG, my guess is #4...unless of course it was for approximately 45 seconds! Come to think of it, the '85 sit-ups in one minute' sounds just as far-fetched! But then knowing are capable of just about anything...even laughing uncontrollably at a funeral!
Will you reveal to all the 'true answer?'

PS...Thanks for stopping know you always make my day!