come take my hand
together we will walk out of the darkness

watercolour and gouache
on arches
cp 300gsm

38 x 57 cm


come take my hand
together we will walk out of the darkness
the eucalypts will again sprout from blackened trunks
there will be no forgetting
lives lost will never be lost through memories kept close
come take my hand
we will remember
and together we will help rustle the canopies of the mighty eucalypts once more.
In Remembrance

for those lives lost during the
Victorian Bushfires

Black Saturday 7th February, 2009

Australia's National Day
of Mourning
Sunday February 22nd, 2009

words © 2009 patricia vannucci


Wayne said...

La Perugina,
This is an outstanding watercolour.

Only a couple of hours ago, before seeing this your most recent watercolour, i posted a comment under your AP post (before this one) in which i quoted (in alluding to your adaptable style and intuitive approach and how you have an ability to feel for your subject and the spirit of it) an ancient Chinese proverb that says: "When you draw a tree, you must feel yourself gradually growing with it."! And now i see this!!! Here, you have literally and spiritually transfigured/translated and applied the meaning of that proverb!!

The timing of your posting of this artwork on your blog to coincide with the declared national day of mourning here in Australia (today) 22nd February 2009 for those who lost their lives or suffered in any way as a result of the tragic Victorian bushfires is also most inspiring and touching.

There is a resonance of forms here, torso and trunk, arms, limbs, hands, branches leaves, fingers, hair, face tilted upwards, all stretching skyward, regeneration, the rhythms of Nature.. visual music..
Sincere congratulations on this remarkable painting that inspires me and i'm sure will inspire countless others who will see it.
Best wishes,

Vesna Designs said...

This is such a beautiful work PG...I love it !!!

David Burge said...

Another beauty!!!
Keep on that bike PG, you're going with the flow and that's the only way to go.

Jade E. Henderson said...

oooooooooooooh! If only you could have seen my face as I opened your page up. This is beautiful PG, and a wonderful painting to dedicate to the remembrance of the awful tragedy. It reminds me of Autumn, the colours I think. At least as the seasons go round Spring eventually comes, a time of renewal.


Wayne, Amazing synchronicity!!! (PG is still shaking her head!)
Upon reading your comment re the AP magazine, specifically your reference to the ancient Chinese proverb which says: "When you draw a tree, you must feel yourself gradually growing with it!” - had me dropping my brush (accidentally) into my then ‘cold espresso’, (coffee was needed) my head shaking…wow (!!!) what amazing synchronicity!
I was only just finishing off this painting, (when I read the CP comment of yours) which I had started in the beginning hours of that same day - and after I had worked what seemed almost through the night, in order to get this posted to coincide with our/Australia’s National Day of Mourning on Sunday, for those who tragically lost their lives in the Victorian Bushfires - which was imperative (!!!) thought… how amazed you would also be when you saw this.

Your comment here, which reads more like a letter to me (rather than a comment) is so encouraging! There was very little in the painting’s planning - just an idea and images of those magnificent gums, which once graced that landscape, cast into a temporary sleep/coma, so as to give them time to gather strength to regenerate after being charred & scared from this fire’s furry With this image in mind…the pencil (straight on the arches itself) started with this mighty gum -iconic symbol of Australia! I could have planned this image out more and what little I had planned in my mind went in another direction… so in a way found my hand guided and taken.

Come take my hand, is mother nature at her finest..
she will never be beaten,
never be broken,
she will nurture and encourage the mighty gum to regenerate,
the saplings rising out of those blackened limbs reaching for the sky, and in turn reaching out for us - telling us…
to never give up,
never lose hope,
and those lost will never be forgotten for they will be with us in ‘spirit’always - just as the mighty gums will be.

Each painting is a journey, and I will endeavour to grow with each, as a tree does leaf by leaf, limb by limb.

I am honored my painting ‘inspires’ you and that you continually provide support and encouragement with your kind words Wayne and for this I sincerely thank you.


Vesna, Once again I find myself thanking you for your kind support, to have you drop in (with our lives as busy as they are) with your words of encouragement is wonderful, and I thank you.

David, Again I must thank you for checking in here. I’m pedaling…albeit a little exhausted.
Thank you for this encouragement.

Jade, If only…this happens to me all the time and know only to well the delight - as have experienced many a time when visiting you and your many works! Your words shine brightly - “Spring eventually comes, a time of renewal.” Your continued support and encouragement is so appreciated!

SERGIG said...

few words ..... wonderful!

Miriam said...

Mi spiace non conoscere ben la lingua Inglese per poter leggere le splendide parole che hai scritto (e che piĆ¹ o meno sono riuscita a tradurre) nell'accaompagnare un altrettando splendido acquerello, ricco di emozione e sentimento.
Il personaggio che hai dipinto ti "trascina" veramente!

Sandy said...

Beautiful and heartfelt Patricia! Another delicate ethereal and spiritual offering to help ease the harshness of reality....


Sergig, Sei carino… grazie. A dopo.


Ciao Miriam sei sempre complimentosa con le tue parole, e sono sempre grato di averle e come anche molto felice. Quest acquarello lo dipinta in memoria delle vitime del brutto incendio qui nella Victoria dove la quale tante persone hanno perso la vita. Il significato quello di “prendere la mia mano e insieme camminiamo fuori da questo scuro… gli alberi dei eucalyptus ritorneranno…
Un fortissimo abbraccio cara.

Hi Miriam you are always so complimentary with your words, and I am always grateful to have them as also very happy for this. This watercolor was painted in Remembrance for the many people who lost their lives in the fires here in Victoria. The meaning and title "take my hand and together we walk out of this dark” ... the trees of eucalyptus will return ...
Big hugs to you.


Sandra, Thank you so much Sandra, your words never fail you and I so admire this ability. I have painted from the heart as best as I could.
Take care out there.
My love to you always.