my year in reviewTuesday 30 December, 2008

A year on the blog has come to an end,
so i write to you now in hope that i send,
This message of thanks which i type from the heart,
to help me prepare for the New Year which starts.

A great year it was, as i cast my eye back.
I can absolutely say that i gave it a crack.
Oils, acrylics and a landscape or two,
a brand new series called Le Donne in Blu.
January passed with not much of any art,
just goals that were written to ensure a good start.
Frightened, scared, limited computer skills too,
0 8 and my thoughts made their official debut.

Protestations voiced, no names will i mention,
his words of support, no doubt of good intention.
Motivated, inspired and ready to show,
perugina was prepared to give it a go.

The year slow to start kicked off with a nude,
acrylic in brown ‘bodacious’ the review.
My first work in progress a vase that was black.Some florals, gums, and a lady sitting back.

Now March was exciting a series anew,
eight watercolour ballerinas made their debut.
Prima, Brava and Curtain Call made,
Encore, Stanca and Si Riposa now stayed.

Pink tulle gowns and points, performed pirouettes,
for the people who watched them, they’d never forget.
As they danced on Arches which served as their stage,
in various poses their audience engaged.

A holiday was had in the midst of all this,
Soldiers Point where i stayed made painting such bliss.
My passions indulged here were indeed smart,
a crab meant for pasta was turned into art.

Blue Swimmer for Dinner,a painting unknown,
of seagulls on sand,
and thongs left unowned.
This holiday a creative person’s delight,
painting and drawing from morning till night.

April and May were the busiest by far,
there were pumpkins, watercolour ladies
and miniature jars.A day spent with David,
obsessions with vintage themes.
The people on forums,
no doubt did they scream,
‘No more perugina for we’ve seen enough!’
Of vases and miniatures, we need some new stuff.
So off i did go to do my own thing,
to see what new thoughts
i would have now to bring.

What to do with my ballet girls dancing in pink.
A book for little girls was what I did think.
Le Belle Ballerine is now a nice book,
for those who not know, i ask you to look.

June saw the start of the gums without trunks,
leaves painted yellow and green missing chunks.
Concerned that they looked like sardines from afar,
asking all those i knew to view how bizarre.

July had me enter my first major comp,
i knew i should try and give it a shot.
A Sculptor called Alan he wondered around,
and thought that my crab looked quite safe and sound.
To my utter surprise was given a commended,
all in all i thought it quite splendid.

July was a month meeting artists of note,
see Workshop in Oil with John Wilson unquote.
There was Alan at the Annual and Artist’s Palette magazine,
where my Watercolour Ladies featured for me was a dream.

Coco Kiss in August wins another award,
my gorgeous girl i’m sure in Heaven applauds.
i miss her still for she was my mate,
here at home as i painted her company great.

August sees other surprises in store,
a commission of sorts too hard to ignore.
Announced later on and to work i must tend,
for extensions aren’t granted and time i must spend.
There are series known and ones that debuted,
Watercolour Ladies and Instruments that continue.
Suggestions for some to feature on mugs,
To those all i say is, i smile and i shrug.

My blogs there are many and some are now private,
To view these my mates are only invited.
My works there were many created this year,
Last count i think 50 perhaps more it's feared.
i would like to see these together in one go,
i hope you like the above slideshow.

A lover of Norman sees me painting a God!Two graphites, an oil and then art comes to a halt.
My furry boy Buffy not well he does fair,
with everyone helping with thoughts and their prayers.
Thank you

With the year closing fast i’ll have to be quick,
with the clacking of keys and mouse that i click.
To upload this poem which reviews this past year,
i thank those that helped me along you’re so dear.

It’s now i make mention the support i have known,
thus far on my travels in art that has grown.
Sandra and Nick and those on AAF,
you know who you are
i’m really quite blessed.
Wayne, Sweetmango to V and to L,
Helm i still apologise for i thought you weren’t a girl.

My new friends from bubble,
Rose, Philip and Peter,
Renate and Rory who couldn’t be sweeter.
There’s Jared who helped me with blogging and stuff,
Freda, Anni and Marion i thank you so much.

Cheryl, Joel, David who pop by now and then,
Mimi, Ayie, and Mauro my Italian friend.
Wendi, Srishti, Amy and Noel you’re so kind,
i hope i haven’t left anyone behind.

There are many to thank behind the scenes,
who offer support and that go unseen.
Their comments and support are equally valued,
And to them i simply say...

Thank you.
i’ve had a great year and goals i’ve fulfilled,
some were surprises and on skills I did build.
In prep for my next adventures to have,
on this path that I follow with the Gregory’s i’ll nav.

My eyes open wide i’ll be ready to learn,
more excitement no doubt with each and every turn.
With paper horded and brushes in hand,
i look forward to 0 9 with what it has planned.

Who knows what's in store,
just hope i don’t bore.
i thank you all for being here,
and i look forward to seeing you all next year!

(((HUGS & LOVE)))

i would like to thank and mention those here,
in no particular order but dear.
Each in their own giving support in some way,
be it love, friendship, in my thoughts they will stay.

Thanks for making my year great.
Maria Gavass, Cliff, Giulia Raggiunti, Graeme Banks, Cheryl Newman,
Peter Zentjens, Miriam Arnaboldi, Mario La Rossa, Susan Moss,
Wendi S, Maria Kellner, Freda Surgenor, Sandra Wilson,
Marcella Vaccarelli, Patrizia Magarini, Soheir & Rudi Ehinger,
Bob Abrahams, Johannes Wessmark, Nicholas Simmons, John Marsh,
Mimi Torchia Boothby, Carmen & Phillip Bonnici, Joe Vannucci, Fiona Tiplady,
Amy Stevens, Vince & Bina Vannucci, Rory Stapleton, David Brayshaw,
Philip Johnson, Loretta & Nazz Diomedi, Renate Dartois, Maria & Antonio La Rossa,
Wayne Roberts, Jared Ravell, Guanita & Brendon Weston,
Jilly, Rose Moxon, Monique Sartor, Frederick Gonnet, Reina Francis,
Corinne Pouzet, Sonia & Piero Maestri, Marion Chapman, Rubina Iachini,
Ingrid Russell, David Burge, Steph Granshaw, Anni Morris,
Noel Elliot, Nora Sallows, Paolo Marchiori, John Wilson, Michelle Armstrong,
Ron Richmond, Craig Shillington, Sarah, Giuseppina Gerrometta,
June Brown, Norma Jones, Trevor Lang, Vesna Maksimovic,
James Mackie, Jade E Henderson, CateTownsend, Angela De Angelis,
Ron, Gwen Jones, Olga, Barbara, Denise, Amy, Evelyn, J-C Saint Po,
Joel Spencer, Ana C B, Joyce Williams, Dave Edwards, Dorino Ragnioli,
Panny Katsaros, Carlo & Diana Fontanelli, Michelle Giacobello, Mike (Stirling),
Judy, Adriana Glackin, Holley, Kim Grace, Suzie (Sooz), Roberto Santarelli,
Alessandra Magarini, Antonietta Palumbi, Lillian Tiplady, Ada Raggiunti,
Panny Katsaros, Corrado & Diana Ardizzi, Sam & Antonella Biasi, Anni Maree Gill,
Mel (Nadia's), Srishti Wilhelm, Mauro Baglieri, Helen Kosenko, Jack Wanza, Jackie & Zamira.
lunch with redbubblers
Photography by Juilee Pryor

Shot with her pint-sized fisheye lomo using 35 mm film, Juilee was able to keep in with the Bubble theme capturing key moments at a casual gathering graciously hosted by Rose Moxon.

Thank you Rose for thinking of me and inviting me along to your home for what was a great afternoon mingling and meeting with some of the people that make redbubble such a wonderful place! It was suggested we try and have a bubblemeet as often as we can!

The luncheon was held for Martin - 'head honcho' who was here in Sydney to attend the Open Universities Fast Thinking Inaugural Innovation Awards - redbubble was awarded the runner-up prize in the Digital Innovation category. It was fantastic to meet with you Martin and along with our congratulations… most were impressed and totally floored especially when you demonstrated to all, your skills in that domestic activity 'shirked by most,' women in particular - ironing... and we have the photographic evidence to prove that 'a man' can indeed iron! In fact Rose was surprised she even owned an ironing board! LOL

Martin and Suzie sitting in the background

Bill Fonesca and me - la Perugina

Bill, me and Noel Elliot

Dubbed 'Iron Man Martin' ironing his shirt for the awards night.
We all thought the wearing of a 'redbubble T-Shirt' would be the proper endorsement
to show he truly believes and lives in
'the bubble!'

Tania Rose with her little boy. Tania was very generous giving us each a copy of her latest CD 'Feather's Breath - Music of the Air' which was a pleasure to listen to on my 1 hr drive home. Thank you Tania (((HUGS))) Wishing you all the very best.

Martin, Rosalie and Adriana

concentrate the mind

acrylic on stretched canvas

61×91 cm

Painted with brushes, a sponge & fingers.
text overlay

Blocking in colour at first had me utilizing brushes and as I started to contour the facial features used my fingers rubbing in colour as well as wiping it away with a sponge.
He looks a little rustic as a result, which I don’t mind.

I may add to this in the future... however for the 'present moment' am quite happy to live with him as he is.


You are always using those famous two words and thoughts immediately turned to you
as they were read, written and painted.
Love to you.



for the love of flowers

watercolour on montval
185 gsm
17 x 73 cm

Have gone back to my old habits of tearing my paper into thin strips.

i may save on paper, unfortunately framing can be costly when ordered custom made.

It also seems that with the official arrival of summer and all the beautiful blooms available and flourishing in the garden sees me very much inspired, returning to painting flowers big time.

I am hoping that during the holiday break I can spare a little more time devoting myself to these and adding to my

It feels like i have been away from them for ages.

i feel an agapanthus coming on!

Gardenias are also on the list.

in loving memory of

(1993 - 2008)

Tara sleeping on her favourite chair.


You were taken too soon from those who loved you,
You were part of our ‘fur family’
Much loved by Fiona
She will miss you always.

This is for you sweet Tara,
We now fight for you
When you weren’t able to fight for yourself.
We will never forget you.

May you forever walk and play in lavender fields
free and safe.

Tonight i have spent a contemplative hour painting this watercolour which i will give Fiona, my sister-in-law, who has been left traumatised and distraught by her loss of her much beloved Tara of 15 years and the tragic way it occurred.

Last Monday 24th November, 2008 while Tara was sitting on the veranda of her home catching the last rays of the sun, sitting by her favourite lavender bush, two Bull Mastiffs ran into the property and savagely mauled her between them.

Fiona watched and tried in vain to save Tara sustaining injuries herself in this attack.
When the dogs were finished, Fiona was left holding Tara who died in her arms.

Poor little Tara was just too little to save herself despite the fight she put up.

This incident has angered all of us.

These marauding dogs were left to roam the streets unleashed and unsupervised!

I have spent most of the last week emailing the Council, Local Paper (who are now writing a story about it) State & Federal Members in the area, making sure these people are made accountable for all that occurred, as well as checking on Fiona most days.

Fiona's injuries are on the mend, however she has been left devastated and is traumatised, suffering from constant 'flash backs'.

I cannot begin to imagine what this was like for her in that moment and those in the street that witnessed it.
_____________ . _____________

Fiona, you are very much in my prayers and my thoughts at this time.

Thanking you for your kind thoughts and your comments if you have left them here.
They are much appreciated will pass them onto Fiona.
Letting her know there are others that feel as we all do,
will go a long way towards helping her process this terrible event.