lunch with redbubblers
Photography by Juilee Pryor

Shot with her pint-sized fisheye lomo using 35 mm film, Juilee was able to keep in with the Bubble theme capturing key moments at a casual gathering graciously hosted by Rose Moxon.

Thank you Rose for thinking of me and inviting me along to your home for what was a great afternoon mingling and meeting with some of the people that make redbubble such a wonderful place! It was suggested we try and have a bubblemeet as often as we can!

The luncheon was held for Martin - 'head honcho' who was here in Sydney to attend the Open Universities Fast Thinking Inaugural Innovation Awards - redbubble was awarded the runner-up prize in the Digital Innovation category. It was fantastic to meet with you Martin and along with our congratulations… most were impressed and totally floored especially when you demonstrated to all, your skills in that domestic activity 'shirked by most,' women in particular - ironing... and we have the photographic evidence to prove that 'a man' can indeed iron! In fact Rose was surprised she even owned an ironing board! LOL

Martin and Suzie sitting in the background

Bill Fonesca and me - la Perugina

Bill, me and Noel Elliot

Dubbed 'Iron Man Martin' ironing his shirt for the awards night.
We all thought the wearing of a 'redbubble T-Shirt' would be the proper endorsement
to show he truly believes and lives in
'the bubble!'

Tania Rose with her little boy. Tania was very generous giving us each a copy of her latest CD 'Feather's Breath - Music of the Air' which was a pleasure to listen to on my 1 hr drive home. Thank you Tania (((HUGS))) Wishing you all the very best.

Martin, Rosalie and Adriana


Wendi. S. said...

glad you had a great time. Sounded fun. They are a great community of redbubble.

Tania Rose said...

Oh, didn't they just turn out fabulous!! What a fun lens!
'twas a great (though way-too-short) afternoon. I took pics too, but with Sooz camera, so have no idea how they came out. We must hunt them down.
So glad you enjoyed the music. smiles to you!

Vesna Designs said...

Wow...that seemed to have been sooo much fun...Thank You for sharing!!!!

Jade E. Henderson said...

Must be awesome to congregate with so many artists!!


Thank you Wendi, yes RB is a great support group and fantastic to meet up with some of them IRL.

Tania... Hope you were able to hunt down some of those pics.
Your music is indicative of a beautiful soul, your generosity on the day confirming this. Thank you gorgeous girl.

V... No worries

Jade...It was very much so.