in loving memory of

(1993 - 2008)

Tara sleeping on her favourite chair.


You were taken too soon from those who loved you,
You were part of our ‘fur family’
Much loved by Fiona
She will miss you always.

This is for you sweet Tara,
We now fight for you
When you weren’t able to fight for yourself.
We will never forget you.

May you forever walk and play in lavender fields
free and safe.

Tonight i have spent a contemplative hour painting this watercolour which i will give Fiona, my sister-in-law, who has been left traumatised and distraught by her loss of her much beloved Tara of 15 years and the tragic way it occurred.

Last Monday 24th November, 2008 while Tara was sitting on the veranda of her home catching the last rays of the sun, sitting by her favourite lavender bush, two Bull Mastiffs ran into the property and savagely mauled her between them.

Fiona watched and tried in vain to save Tara sustaining injuries herself in this attack.
When the dogs were finished, Fiona was left holding Tara who died in her arms.

Poor little Tara was just too little to save herself despite the fight she put up.

This incident has angered all of us.

These marauding dogs were left to roam the streets unleashed and unsupervised!

I have spent most of the last week emailing the Council, Local Paper (who are now writing a story about it) State & Federal Members in the area, making sure these people are made accountable for all that occurred, as well as checking on Fiona most days.

Fiona's injuries are on the mend, however she has been left devastated and is traumatised, suffering from constant 'flash backs'.

I cannot begin to imagine what this was like for her in that moment and those in the street that witnessed it.
_____________ . _____________

Fiona, you are very much in my prayers and my thoughts at this time.

Thanking you for your kind thoughts and your comments if you have left them here.
They are much appreciated will pass them onto Fiona.
Letting her know there are others that feel as we all do,
will go a long way towards helping her process this terrible event.


Anonymous said...

Oh poor Tara and poor Fiona.
That is so sad, I feel like my heart is being ripped out.
Oh that is just so wrong.
I have no other words right now.
I am so sorry.


SM...Thank you.

Vesna Designs said...

OMG...that makes me so engry...I am so sick and tired of hearing about people and animals getting hurt by unsupervised dangerous dogs...when are people and councils finally going to do something about this...PG I am soooo sorry to hear this, its just unaccaptable and unforgivable!!!


V...Thank you. Glad you concur.

Jade E. Henderson said...

Hi PG, this is a beautiful painting. Very sorry to hear about Tara, cats are such cool little creatures.


Jade...Thank you, yes they are.

Romo said...

Lovely painting….and a very touching and loving tribute…so sorry for this tragic loss:)

Jared said...

lovely Patricia.
so sorry to here about your friend and her loss.
a beautiful dedication…

Corinne said...

How tragic it is ! You made a very moving painting and poem for Tara, poor little one…
Better take a good care of mine after this sad story

Peter said...

I’m sure she’ll love this Patricia

Cheryl said...

Such a beautiful tribute to your sister-in-law. What a sad thing for her to have to go through, being helpless while something you love is being harmed would be heartbreaking. I am so sorry about this.
A big hug sent her way.

J-C said...

A gourgous painting!
Unfortunately for a tragic moment!
Animals always seem to find the way to our hearts! That’s why it hurts so much when we lose them! They are part of the family! Like the kids we have (or want to have)!
The tragedy is double when we have to lose them this way!

Renate said...

Beautiful tribute to Tare what a tragic way to loose your pet one of my friends just recently lost her little dog to a coyote in her backyard.

Phoggy said...

A lovely tribute Patricia. Such a sad thing to have to go through,It’s a really heartbreaking story.

Anonymous said...

Such a sad, sad thing to happen.
This is a great tribute to Tara.
Im sure she will thank you from "up there". Such a beautiful painting. L

Nick said...

what???? I really don't like dogs, never have. Have Tara and Fiona call up one of their cousins, that will take care of it.


L...Thank you very much.

NNG...I hear you.


NNG Hey..."Just when I thought I was out...they pull me back in!"

Suzie said...

This is an extraordinary work and truly illustrates not only how talented you are but also how big your heart is.

Zom said...

This is a beautiful watercolour. The colours and the composition are both very striking. I am sure your sister-in-law will treasure it.

and thank you for visiting my blog.

Wendi. S. said...

having been attacked by dogs the other week, I know too well , the absolute horror and shock of this moment. Perugina, your painting is wonderful.
shine on.

SrishtiArt said...

OMG!!! What.... this is tragic!!! I am so sorry for your sister... This to have happened right n front of her....
Beautiful painting Perugina... (HUGS)


Zom...Thank you for your kind words.

Wendi...OMG! I cannot believe this...You have got to be kidding!!!!!! My hope is you are OK.
This is absolutely unforgiving...hope you tracked down the owners and gave them a serve and the local Council at the very least a FINE!

Srishti...Thank you for your thoughts here.(((HUGS)))

joel said...

i am so sorry. i am quite distraught by this. my lil black and white guy (Forrest) is truly my best non-human buddy. he loves me. i him.

cats are the best. cats don't like un-cool people.

i really am devastated by what has happened. in the fullness of time this beautiful painting will be truly appreciated.

-- Joel.


Joel…Thank you for your kind words.

Those of us who have had cats own us - capturing our hearts, are privileged. Thank you for letting me know of your ’non-human buddy – Forrest’ You have made me smile, give him an extra cuddle for us!

wayne said...

Hi PG, Your watercolour has serenity and 'remembrance' .. and it reflects, quite poignantly, the beautiful 'fluency' of cats. It's a wonderful tribute to Tara. Your watercolour offers healing... and that's a very fine quality for a painting to have -- best wishes!


Wayne...Thank you so much for your kindness.
This was painted with tenderness, love and care in my heart for Fiona and for her Tara, indeed hoping it will go towards helping her heal in some way, however small.
PG :)

Craig Shillington said...

{{{{{HUGS}}}}} Oh Fiona and Tara!! This is terrible and I feel so much for the two of you! It is the same here. There are three mean dogs which most days are loose and roaming the streets and have even chased my own little puppy in my own back yard!! Luckily I was there to chase them off at the time, but it just isn't right. I hope the actions that are being taken in regards to what has happened produce something that serves as a great warning for other animal owners that aren't responsible. It won't help reverse what has happen but may go a long way in preventing it happening again. My thoughts are with you Fiona.


Craig...The Council I believe have fined the owners $130…which isn’t much…however no penalty great or small is going to make this better and it won't bring Tara back…so all in all, we are deeply saddened.
To think this could easily have been a child! …the owners of these dogs are totally responsible for this and we all feel pretty strongly about their lack of responsibility towards the other residents who live and share in this small town community and they really should be ashamed of themselves!
Please look after your precious 'fur kids' it only takes a second for these things to happen to those we hold dear - animal or human! You know what i mean.
Thanking you for your compassion.