concentrate the mind

acrylic on stretched canvas

61×91 cm

Painted with brushes, a sponge & fingers.
text overlay

Blocking in colour at first had me utilizing brushes and as I started to contour the facial features used my fingers rubbing in colour as well as wiping it away with a sponge.
He looks a little rustic as a result, which I don’t mind.

I may add to this in the future... however for the 'present moment' am quite happy to live with him as he is.


You are always using those famous two words and thoughts immediately turned to you
as they were read, written and painted.
Love to you.



Anonymous said...

BTW, such good advice. L

L said...

What you have done to this painting is unreal. The text overlay is simply wonderful.
It's like a new dimension, that is a third dimension. I think I remember seeing it in its original state, and your adaption is exceptional. I keep on going back to it to see the depth of the painting. I now understand the meaning of the dedication. 'L'
It should be hung somewhere special. L

Renate said...

Awesome….............Patricia and yes so true most people dwell so much in the past and concern themselves with what is ahead and forget to enjoy the moment the now which by tomorrow will be gone forever.

Mrs Willow said...

I agree with both the above statements…not always easy to practise,though.Tthe image you have created for this is very calming Patricia…especially using those fleshy colours with the blues.

Jade E. Henderson said...

That is a beautiful painting PG, very calming colours and presence, you painted the words right into the colours and contours of his face.

And this is advice I need RIGHT NOW. The present. In the movie the other night, Jackie Chan said something along the lines of today is a gift, that's why it is called the present. lol Jackies a legend.

I shall have to write that on my wall...I'm an adult - I'm allowed to write directly on my wall aren't I? ooh I just know its wrong. My last computer I wrote quotes all over it and that was so liberating. Now...the wall....heeheeee

Vesna Designs said...

WOW...trully astounding work PG...and so true, I need to practice living in the moment my self!!!!


L…Thank you so much, I am so glad you like the text overlay. This was a hands on experience in the literal sense and I loved it. I felt it needed the text, I was originally going to paint a white Phalaenopsis Orchid over the top and figured the text was easier - could still well do one with that and the inclusion of text – however as you are always hearing me say ‘there is never enough time’ and for the present moment am content as it forms a foundation for future works however I will endeavour to remain in the moment and not dream about this now for who knows what tomorrow will bring anyway!
As for somewhere special? Ummm…now let me see!
(((Love & Hugs))) to you

Renate… Thank you so much for this, so true isn’t it and I so agree with you. It is easy to do this however and we must make a conscious decision to ‘enjoy the moment’ as you have stated so beautifully here.

Sandra… These Buddha faces do have a calming effect and I find them serene and peaceful. This is perhaps why I am attracted to them and have them tastefully integrated into the decor of my indoor and outdoor rooms… and none on mugs in sight!:) Not easy to put these words into practise – but this is after all what makes us delightfully human!

Jade…Thanks for dropping in mate and leaving such a wonderful reply…I laughed at the Jackie Chan quote and I do remember this line in the movie – you go ahead and most certainly write, draw, scribble even… on any surface you want, and when you ‘dream’ of those walls being pristine, clean and cream again, you can then dwell on your past behaviour whilst you have the Taubmans Paint and rollers out in the moment – PG Tip of the day… if you need to redo the ceilings – I recommend the One Coat Ceiling White!
(((Love ya!)))

Vesna…My partner in crime! I hear is hard to do... especially when your moment is a nightmare, then it has your dreaming of the Spaceship Enterprise to have Scotty do what he does best! You are always too kind V…(((I loves ya too!)))

Anonymous said...

Oh I love it!! But you knew I would didn't you :) :)
A very Zen piece.
Beautiful PG
love me


SM...Thought of you also as I posted this up and couldn't resist the greeting Namaste in your honour! One big love fest!:) Love to you and yours.
(((HUGS))) X

wayne said...

Hi PG,
A very spiritual piece and peace! I like the way you allowed yourself to dispense with brush and interface, interconnect with hands. Also the 'generic eyes' resonate powerfully on many levels. The colour "blue" is in tune with all of this IMO. The text overlay makes your work into a kind of transparent palimpsest: text upon context. The contextual aspect of time is a very deep mystery.

Anyway, a most intuitive reflective work.. a beautiful serenity here:) Seasonal greetings and best wishes,


Hi Wayne,
My seasonal greetings and best wishes to you and Happy 2009!(((HUGS)))
Thank you for your remarks and ability to see much into this piece and sharing what it is that you see.
Intuition, as well as engaging in the sense of touch to feel his face, to see the calmness of this colour as it hit my eyes and then to read and speak the words as they were written, my guides. I am glad it reflects ‘peace and serenity’ with you – Namaste.