for the love of flowers

watercolour on montval
185 gsm
17 x 73 cm

Have gone back to my old habits of tearing my paper into thin strips.

i may save on paper, unfortunately framing can be costly when ordered custom made.

It also seems that with the official arrival of summer and all the beautiful blooms available and flourishing in the garden sees me very much inspired, returning to painting flowers big time.

I am hoping that during the holiday break I can spare a little more time devoting myself to these and adding to my

It feels like i have been away from them for ages.

i feel an agapanthus coming on!

Gardenias are also on the list.


Vesna Designs said...

I just LOVE THEM...I'm so looking forwards to this new flower series...I know that somehow you will make them look more AMAZING then they are!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh that is just beautiful, the colours are divine and the flowers, you have made them so exquisite!


Girls you are a support de force!

Vesna... You are a darl, you are too kind in your thoughts...I'm glad you like them and I’m very keen on using this format which i have used on a number of occasions particularly with regard to florals - showcasing just the blooms...i never really know what to do with the backgrounds though…so i just let the leaves merge to create this for me. I thank you for your enthusiasm it does help to motivate and inspire so again thanks V!

SM…You are a sweetie...Thank you for your encouraging comments. I painted these when I really should have been doing ‘you know what’ and the picture I sent you today titled ‘Confessions of an addict - proof of that!’ ‘Hi, my name is Patricia…and yes I am addicted to painting…God help me I am!’

An aside...You do know that these are toxic to cats?!…They ingest any part of the plant (in fact any lilies) and they can be dead within 15 minutes! Can’t believe I had these all over my house over the years and until recently didn’t know they were a death trap for our feline friends – just thought I’d add this info on…so relegated to painting them instead - no perfume but at least they are nice to look at! LOL

Sandy said...

Absolutely beautiful! I love the upward movement in your composition and the delightful variation in colour, texture and light throughout.You have inspired me to get out my w/cols and paint!!
Thanks also for the information re these flowers and their danger to cats...I will be keeping a watchful eye on little Hazel.

Wendi. S. said...

These are beautifully done. And love the movement in them also.
I am a florist by day, and I have a customer who is cat mad, and told me how toxic the lillies are to cats, and that I should warn everyone how bad they were. I must admit, I thought she'd had to much vodka on her weeties. Looking forward to seeing your gardenias !


Sandy…I am so thrilled I have inspired you in some small way with my Liliumspost, your generous thoughts in response to them is appreciated and I wish I had the ‘language of art’ to express myself as you do.

Hazel is precious, it’s been a while now since I have had a little kitten in the house. You have your hands full making sure she keeps out of mischief… give her a smooch and cuddle for me!
I wish her a long, happy & healthy life. ENJOY and I look forward to your new paintings, if not now then definitely in 09.

Wendy…Thanking you again for popping in to my blog with your kind words, you are a much welcome visitor.
Your days must be wonderful working with such natural beauty and being able to express yourself creatively through the art of ‘floral arrangement’.
I guess advocating the dangers of these flowers to cats as customers ‘walk in’ would not be good for business – ‘vodka on her weeties’ made me chuckle…They are unfortunately a real threat, and as a cat owner and lover of cats I can do my bit to warn other cat owners by passing on this information when appropriate.
I started an Agapanthus painting today – it was a ‘play session’ in watercolour group - with a few onlookers which was great, although trying to verbalise what I was doing at the same time was a challenge, you will have to wait a little longer for the Gardenias – white is not my strong suit.

Jade E. Henderson said...

Hi PG! I really like this its beautiful! I like how you have done it on a long piece of paper, I'm a fan of long works either vertical or horizontal.
Miss you!

Rose Moxon said...

just beautiful… your work is always amazing.

Renate said...

Oh this is so lovely Patricia-I love the panel I painted one with an iris on wood some time ago.

Ana said...

Love it Patricia…just gorgeous!

Susan said...

Just beautiful work Patricia as usual

Ingrid said...

Beautiful, Patricia. This would make a lovely bookmark.

Peter said...

Pretty in pink,
you captured these real lifelike Patricia.

Rory said...

I checked this one out on your website, Perugina…great handling…suggestions of dappled light I like…good work…

J-C Saint-Pô said...


Marion said...

beautiful soft pinks and greens.

Cheryle said...

This is beautiful and sensitively painted,


Rose...Thank you , your support and kindness will always be remembered.
Your photoshoot at that asylum looked like a blast…almost tempted to come along and join in the fun myself!

Renate...Thank you so much , Irises are another wonderful flower to paint aren’t they… thanks for sharing in your art also.

Thank you Ana, your support has been wonderful. Glad you like my Liliums.

Thank you Susan, very nice of you to say those kind words.
Seems everything is starting to slow down, hope you are enjoying a break from your demanding role in your art society – but hope you have time set aside for some of your own stunning works!

Ingrid...It would actually, that’s a great suggestion!...Now where can i find a website that does this?! Tee hee hee :-D
Perhaps i should make suggestions on RB.
Take care.

Pete... thanks for that lovely compliment :)

This means a lot coming from you Rory. :)
Your experience and knowledge, your feedback and insights are welcomed and command my respect!
This is something i am keen on exploring further in this next chapter!
Thank you

Thank you JC…you are so sweet!

Marion... thank you so much for your support, it has been wonderful.

Cheryle... you have been away for a while, hope you are well. Thank you for your supportive comments coming from my favourite angel artist is awesome!

wayne said...

Hi PG,
Beautiful work here! Your watercolours are always so luminous. I'm a great fan of Montval paper and have painted (probably) hundreds of works on that surface. It holds the pigments very close to the surface so that they remain vibrant and it has a lovely 'unpredictability' about it (as far as wet-in-wet work is concerned - forming the most beautiful blooms and backruns, almost, you could say emblematic of floral forms). I use that paper for alla prima vibrant works where I want intense colour with an immediacy, crisp edges, and clarion colour interchanges. For more subtle atmospheric subjects I would generally choose Saunders Waterford CP, Fabriano CP. For dramatic wet-in-wet seascapes etc I find Arches 640gsm CP (or torchon) is best. I love the different 'character' of different papers: paper choice is absolutely critical to the overall work. your choice of Montval is good here, I feel, because it allows you more 'headroom' to amplify colour intensity in floral subjects when required!


Wayne…Hi, Another lover of Montval! :) I too, with the little experience (emphasis on ‘little’) I have had painting with watercolours to date, love it and find it serves me well particularly when wanting to capture flowers. It does as you say, ‘Hold the pigment close to the surface’ which means that at any point when you want to (perhaps later on) coax these into moving creating soft edges it will release the colour and travel along with the water beautifully. Having said this, I do find the paper rapidly absorbs the water, if I find myself talking to others about it, I describe it as ‘fast,’ don’t know if that is correct? This is what it feels like to me, so with it you need to make those unplanned decisions quickly and with purpose ‘dilly-dally’ about and all could be ruined, on the upside it does provide you with as you have also stated ’immediacy.’
Wayne, your vast experience, (from what you have written here) has certainly seen you gather all the evidence needed to make your choice of support an integral part of the overall process and more importantly how it will serve best your subject/s
I have a confession – I am a paper hoard… I have yet to ‘test drive’ my Arches 640gsm CP (have about 10 sheets now) and feel I am not worthy to paint on such expensive paper – silly I know… however I used to feel this way at the very beginning painting on Arches 300gsm CP (about 100 sheets – anyone need any paper?...anyone?????) and did not want to waste my money using it and turning out works that were destined for the filing cabinet outside i.e. the rubbish bin! Now when we have newcomers to our watercolour group I see them travel the same path, buying pads of cheep paper from variety stores trying to grapple with it having the consistency of Sorbent Toilet Tissue!... I cannot stress enough when speaking with them, to the point of offering them a half sheet of my own paper, how vital this is in the learning process re watercolours.

We all have something to offer no matter how far along the path we are… and with this said, I thank you for the support and encouragement you have extended to me here by way of your visits and thoughts, your substantial experience and your insights have me soaking up your words as I imagine like the still yet wrapped Arches 640gsm CP would with water. :) I’ll keep you posted!
PS…I also love Fabriano Artistico – however I am finding it increasingly difficult to get hold of it.