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the Garden God II
a tribute to Norman

Perhaps the photo above will give some indication as to the size of this work.

My size 'O' round TAKLON brush has served me well and up until now and it has seen me through many of my works since starting watercolours in 2007 and remains one of my favourites still.

Ron in my watercolour group is always astounded that i utilise such a small brush and has taken to asking, "Why don't you use a bigger brush?!" whenever he sees me, regardless of whether i am painting or not.

I like to use small brushes, so i shrug and laugh. Perhaps i feel comfortable with it because like a pencil, i feel i have some control.

I am in a panic about it (the brush) making it through this piece as its bristles are wearing thin, it will be a sad day when it finally gives up.

This last picture above is the closest representing the true colour of the piece as utilising the flash mode on the camera tends to bleach out the colour.

With all the leaves completed now, all that remains is touching up various areas putting in some darks behind the foliage.

This morning sees me a little further down the road.

With more to come later this afternoon.


Finally I have settled into my latest WIP and its moving along. Looking back when updating its progress i can't believe this was started back in August.

Having no recollection of colours used had me playing the guessing game, “What colour am I?”

Some colours are obvious, others gave me some grief. This will teach me to record this in future.

Normally i don't like to drop a project as i have done in this case, and prefer to work day after day until its completion.

In Italian (as I often find myself thinking in these terms) if i break from a project, i lose “la mano”- my hand i.e. the flow of what i am doing and like handwriting on a page, the slope of it changes, therefore breaking the visual rhythm of it. So in picking this up again today, it is hoped that i will find my rhythm once more so the next few weeks can be dedicated to completing it.

To view progress shots from the start


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wayne said...

Hi PG, In your Garden God II 'flow and rhythm' seem to be integral to the drawing aspect of the work. So I understand the 'la mano' aspect you mention. I like the strength of not shying away from the centre. That creates an axis of symmetry around which the 'garden rhythms' can twist and turn. The colours are luminous. I think the Garden God is smiling upon you!

I can imagine your composition transposed in the medium of lead light or stained glass. (Matisse revisited a number of his key lyrical drawings and compositions, transposing them in various ways.) It seems to me to have the shapes and luminosity evocative of light transmitted through glass... just a thought:) It's for the very same reasons IMO that it's working so well as a luminous transparent painting!


Hi Wayne,
Again thanking you for your comments here, they are always much appreciated.

Your understanding of this piece and its progress (despite my inability to express myself adequately) astounds me.
The Creeping Fig surrounding this large stone plaque on the western wall of ‘My Upstairs Garden’ and at times engulfing it when I cannot get to it regularly enough to discipline its growth, does represent as you say the ‘garden rhythms.’ Thank you for this insight, perhaps something that I have felt but couldn’t verbalise – An incessant ‘natural force’ which sees the ‘Garden God’ fighting an unwinnable situation with his dead interminable stare!

Compelled to capture on paper, firstly through photographic means and now via a watercolour painting, it would be interesting to explore this subject further through ‘transposing.’ Thank you for this suggestion and for your encouraging feedback, put simply...I am ‘chuffed’ you think it is ‘working!’- you are too kind in your compliments.

joel said...

hey! i just saw the finished piece on Red Bubble (i think).

it was excellent!

-- Joel.


Joel...Welcome to my blog & I see a fellow RedBubbler.
The finished piece on RB is the same one here in an August post The Garden God A Tribute To Lindsay which was purely a muck about work which basically had me blocking in the colour with not much detail or planning.
Thank you for your kind words re- this one.
Wanting to have another proper go at it and therefore bearing the same name except for its number - II (hope that clears up the confusion.)
All going to plan its progress WILL be updated this week - ah...the power of positive thinking!
Hope this is your first of many visits.

Nick said...

This is looking wonderful Patricia, you have a great knack for the undulating rhythms and forms. I dare say this might have commercial appeal too - did someone say stained glass? Wallpaper, coffee mugs, you name it. It could be a whole 'nuther blog!


NNG....What else can I say but Thanks! and as for the 'nuther blog'- good suggestion, I'll keep it in mind...also I will make sure you are on the mailing list for the 'Mugs!' - Given the good taste that you have and are renowned for no doubt you will not want to be without one!

BTW my congratulations on all of your artistic achievements this year 08 & I hope it only gets better for you in 09!

Ayie said...

I really admire your works! I also do paint but just for my hobby. I just love great works.


Ayie… Welcome again…and thank you so much for your kind words. I don’t know about great,however I can say "Your best painting is always in front of you." - now this I am looking forward to.
Enjoy your hobby/hobbies, have a great day, nice of you to visit.

Hidemi said...

thank you for sharing your work progress. This is wonderful to learn how you painted. very appreciate.

Anni said...

Patricia it is so interesting to see this work progress from the beginning. All people work differently. I am sometimes tempted to use too smaller brush and think I end up making hard work for myself. I remember once being given a huge clumsy brush and having to paint a portrait of a woman in about 15 minutes. It turned out to be fun and freed me up no end. Amazingly I was pleased with the result. I delight in detail normally but this took on a completely different feel. I can appreciate all your hard work with this piece and the truck load of patience and perservrence you must have put into it. Well done for creating such a beautiful artwork. ~ Anni xxxx

Corinne said...

The idea of painting the progession of your work is fabulous ! We all should do it…
Wonderful painting Patrizia

ellena said...

The best way of controlling your artwork is taking pictures every stage. You did a great job, great attention for detail and patience :). Love your nails too :)). Thank you for stopping by.


Hidemi...Thank you so much for following on. It is interesting to see a painting in its development.

Anni...Thanking you for your support, feedback and understanding. Also insights into you own experiences were interesting to read particularly with regard to brushes and how they can dictate how a work is 'tackled.'
Will have to road test some of those bigger brushes in the new year...see how 'they drive!'


Corinne...Great to have you drop by with your thoughts and support. Thank you for following my WIP. For me it is interetsing to watch a paintings development back when completed.


ellena...Thank you for your thoughts here. I agree with you about progress shots, would be a great thing to do each time.
My nails...Thanks! (((BLUSH))) LOL