Anonymous said...

Before I even read your post, I thought wow, it really looks like stained glass!!
She looks stunning PG. You are making these watercolour ladies looks so beautiful and effortless.
What a great Xmas card this will make, so lovely and unique and a real piece of art :)


SM...You are so thoughtful in your support of me and my work, I have truly appreciated this throughout the year here, on the forum and through our communications with each other… I know the ‘Blue Angel of Peace’ will find herself at your door this coming Festive Season.

Glad it looked like stained glass to you, before reading my description of it.
I have enjoyed the process here, it was akin to colouring in, with each segment treated independently from the other, so enjoyable in fact that is has me wanting to explore this again - perhaps now in the new year as this one rapidly draws to a close.
Your kind words of praise with regard to your comment ‘a real piece of art,’ is way too generous.
Thank you so much
Love to you and yours,

Wendi. S. said...

what a nice piece of escapism, visiting your blog was for me tonight.
Shine on *

Wendi. S. said...

LOL. couldn't work out why my comment didn't appear.....just read the small print underneath.

SrishtiArt said...

Wow, she looks so icy... just like stained glass should.... CLAPS!!!!
Wonderful Perugina... I love it nd it's a very unique christmas theme...!!!! I love her face :)

Ayie said...

The painting really nice!


Wendi...What a lovely thing to say, thank you so much. Glad it provided you with an escape...we all need this from time to time.


Srishti...Thank you for your kind words. I particularly liked your description with regard to her looking 'icy.'
Hope to see those fabulous new watercolour works on your blog soon!
Thanks Srishti for your support here and on WC this last year.
Take care.


Ayie...Thank you very much,
nice to have your support.

wayne said...

Hi PG!
What a wonderful Angel of Peace for this Christmas season! You have a very fine eye for lyrical forms and lines, for luminous colour. As I said in an earlier post on your GG11 WIP, I believe your recent work is extremely transposable into and through the 'portal' of lead-light/stained glass. There are 'polyphonic rhythms' I see in your recent paintings that remind me of JS Bach (one of my all-time great influences whose music is a constant source of inspiration to me, whether listened to, played, or studied).
Your sidebar 'Cancer' note/insight is intriguing to me as it directly (literally and metaphorically) relates to something that is connected to/from my art and extends from/beyond it. Curiously, as a Cancerian, I have been developing this/these ideas afresh in this 'new moon' period. I hope there is some heavenly blessing on this my little studio, my workspace, my mind, my markers, music, and dreams.

There's an indigenous Aussie song you may know, "From little things big things grow". That's like a promise. So profound.

I like the idea of your number 0 brush. You know, on my blog I have a quote from Robert Kaplan, "If you look at zero you see nothing; but look through it and you will see the world."


Vesna Designs said...

'lyrical forms and lines' - I think Wayne said it perfectly...your work does have a musical softness and flow to it...like gentle Bach musical notes, your work is trully beautiful and original !!!!


Hi Wayne,
Always great to get your support, your feedback, and your insights.

I truly value your comments and the time you take to write me and look at my work/shenanigans that take place here in my ‘blog home’…even though I may not fully understand what is it you are talking about at all times, – (this is said with sincerity) it is always appreciated greatly.

I started this Angel approximately six months ago, even sending Sandy an image to her via an email in its initial stages, wanting to be organised well in advance. Given that I need to send these cards out in the next week, life with its unpredictability has seen my well laid plans thwarted and now I find myself rushing to get this finished over the weekend ready to go Monday!
So in regard to your proposed idea of transposing my works painting them by way of suggesting ‘stained glass/lead light’ is something I’d been keen to explore and already had a start on by way of this ‘Angel of Peace’ Christmas Card and have already booked my ticket and renewed my visa to revisit again in the new year.

Have googled ‘polyphonic rhythms’and to use the famous words uttered by PH… ‘Please explain?’ lol… may be the late hour last night or the ‘vino’, perhaps even the lack of sleep…not enough caffè?
I was not able to absorb the information at my disposal – I apologise and I dearly would like to know.
So I throw out an open invitation explaining to me ‘simple folk’, what you mean by this so as I am not ignorant. Sounds good though!

As Cancerians, ruled by the Moon, we are always being renewed…a good thing albeit one of the moodier changeable signs…a curse or perhaps a blessing in disguise keeping everyone guessing!…Oh well, need to take the good with the bad, for you cannot truly appreciate one if not for the other.

I hope the ‘new moon’ imparts her positive energy through to you Wayne and with each phase bringing more light to illuminate your ideas to be realised in their new form in 09.
We are the dreamers, highly intuitive, spiritual, sensitive to our environment and emotional, and it is in these places that we live.

”From Little things big things grow”, how right you are!

I am familiar with the quote and have seen the ‘quotes roll’ on your blog ”If you look at zero…” How good is that?!

Thank you for your inspiring insights and for giving me the opportunity to see things in a different light by way of your comments.
PS...“Gotta run now and put the shopping away...cook dinner…perhaps put a wash on…reassure my parents that I am still living and haven’t been abducted by aliens…and then…maybe if I am lucky finish this off!” :)


V…Always great to have you drop in gorgeous! Thank you for leaving such inspiring words of encouragement. I hope mine to you the other night via that lengthy email were also…lol
You and I are kindred spirits re; ’our women!’ Our continued support and encouragement in the coming year is paramount and definitely on the agenda.
Will not forget ‘The Power & The Passion’ never say never…this journey has already yielded wonderful surprises for us both and who knows what might be in store for us in 2009.
Take care.
:) X

Rose said...

oh wow.. beautiful beautiful beautiful!

David said...


Peter said...

Fabulous, intricate like a church window….

Jared said...

I love these WIP views of your work Patricia !! I get to see how you do these masterpieces !
...i can see why you felt a sense of peace and calm as I worked on it…it is lovely…she is floating in a dreamworld of peace and tranquility..

Adriana said...

Oh my goodness! The image is so very beautiful!! This is such a special piece, and how wonderful that you derived such please from creating such a beautiful piece. : )

Peter said...

That’s one complex angel you are painting here Patricia, I’d say you have the patience of angel. :)

Question, those white lines in between, is that with gum or just with the hand?

Anni said...

It’s such a treat seeing your paintings ‘come to life’...what a gift. That’s art for you isn’t it? Where would we be without it? A delightful image Patricia, thanks for sharing it ~ Anni :) xxxx

Cheryl said...

WOW Patricia this is a stunning work of Art. Breathtakingly beautiful.

Kim Grace said...

She is beautiful, how do you do these works in progress? It makes it so interesting to see the stages…

Marion said...

oh, i am gasping! this is so incredibly beautiful.

Freda said...

Oooooooooooooooooooo….............that’s really lovely.

May I use it on the 101 website instead of the one we’ve got?

Suzie said...

She is so serene and beautiful … and you are so talented for creating her.

Anna said...

Gorgeous work Patricia…love it!


Rose...Thank you :)

David...Thank you.

Jared...Thank you Jared, your support throughout my time here has been wonderful and I have much appreciated the time you have taken to explain some of the basics in computers and also all your thoughts for my Bu and for your feedback on my paintings.
Look forward to our continued friendship and support of each other in our artistic endeavours in 2009.

Thank you for your thoughts on my Blue Angel of Peace I hope she finds you and fills your heart and those that you hold dear with joy, love and of course peace.

Adriana...Adriana, thank you so much for your enthusiastic response. I appreciate your kind words of praise.
It was lovely to meet a fellow RBubbler at the luncheon, and hope we can perhaps catch up at Lindsays in the new year.
Peace to you.
All the best for 2009.

Peter...Peter, always here in support! I have enjoyed our friendship and have appreciated all the feedback and ‘chats’ we have had re; our art adventures and your touring adventures, perhaps one day they will see you ‘downunder’.

Thank you for your kind words here Peter.
This was painted ‘freehand’ very carefully conserving the white of the paper. Will need to tidy up with some gouache in some places.

Anni...Anni, thank you so much for your support here, you have been an Angel. Will not forget your kindness, positiveness and encouraging words when i fretted over Buffy when everything in my world came to a standstill – for you understand. Thank you for your prayers.

I hope to share in more of your delighful art in 2009.
Love, and (((HUGS))) for the festive season.


Cheryl...Thank you Cheryl, you are always too kind in your praise. Love to you and yours.

Kim Grace...Viewing the progress of a painting via a slideshow is interesting, you just have to remember to take a few photos along the way!

Marion...Marion, you have been too kind, thank you for your support and encouragement, look forward to our continued association in the new year here as well as through Oatley 101 Society of Artists.

Freda...That would please me immensely Freda, thank you so much for your support.
Glad you like it so much.
Will look forward to our continued support here and through 101.

Suzie...Suzie, thank you so much for your kind words in support.
Was wonderful to meet you at the 'luncheon', and i hope that not too much time passes before we can meet again.
Your enthusiasm for what you do is infectious!

Anna...Thank you so much, your constant support has been wonderful to have.

Anonymous said...

This is so beautiful. I love the colours & the detail. The way she is holding the dove seems so serene & at ease. It would be wonderful to be lucky enough to receive this card at Christmas. Truly exceptional. L

wayne said...

Re my earlier comment and herewith a brief elaboration of the concept of Bach's "polyphony", a concept or principle I see as emerging in your art ...

In the music of JS Bach, we find a definite and emphatic introduction of polyphonic music of historic significance. In Bach's 'polyphony' all the parts have melodic (lyric and wave-like) interest and 'phraseology' that weaves in and around each other (like dolphins swimming and jumping in an interweave of rhythms). A melodic motif within a part in Bach's music (say alto) may be 'offset' (depending on the length of the melodic phrase) and the resultant harmonies are quite compelling because you recognise/hear the double-pattern of the melodic motifs (repeating and resounding in various parts as well as the vertical dimension of the combined chords/harmonies. Hence polyphony.

Before Bach, harpsichords/keyboards had to be tuned to one key only. It was impossible to modulate to other keys without garish dissonances. Bach changed all that. He studied the Pythagorean intervals within the octave (to which the keyboards were tuned) and noticed that the intervals between the successive pitches (frequencies of sound) were almost but not exactly the same. Bach made them the same: what we now know as "semitones": he divided the octave into twelve equally-spaced "semitones". Hence the 'well-tempered' klavier (i.e. evenly-intervalled) klavier/piano. His brilliant idea instantly allowed for modulations from one key to another, harmoniously. Another in-principle form of 'polyphony'.

The frets on guitars are positioned thanks to Bach. Keyboards are now tuned thanks to Bach. The woodwind instruments... Hope this comment makes some kind of sense to you and followers of your art {:-∫


L…Thank you so much for your kind words here, I think I can arrange this. :) Then again it was not a case of asking now was it?

Wayne…Thank you for your explanation, sorry I have taken so long to get back to you with my appreciation.
It does make sense to me now, and perhaps with the last week being a difficult one, it seems my emotional state had clouded and thus impeded my ability to absorb and thus understand polyphonic music…too many thoughts running through the mind in an erratic rhythm it seems.
I have enjoyed your explanation comparing it to ‘dolphins swimming and jumping in an interweave of rhythms’ what beautiful imagery.

Thanking you also for the brief history on Bach and his significant contributions to music as we know it today.
Your comments here have enlightened me and others I’m sure.

You are a most welcomed visitor, and as always I feel honoured that you leave your thoughts and insights here - in this case being generous with the time you have taken to further explain the concepts you see emerging in my art'... i.e. 'polyphonic rhythms' Too much! :)

Mrs Willow said...

Absolutely stunningly beautiful Patricia! Great design work ,wonderful colour and scheme and superb colour gradations.Bravo!!

Jared said...

amazing work Patricia !!!!
this is just beautiful…definitely an angel

Philip said...

WONDERFUL as always

J-C Saint-Pô said...

very nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The way you painted it resembles a lot like “painting-on-silk” Then also the painting is devided in sections by wax so the paint can’t spill over the sections!

Ken said...

Just another AMAZING work of art and balance