series le donne blu
lei dorme
she sleeps
no 1

oil on stretched canvas
titanium white, ultramarine blue

29 x 42 cm

My need to return to familiar territory in subject matter at least, after what seems a long break was necessary to ease back into getting creative again.

Perhaps the relaxed Donna Blu - Blue Lady – serene in her slumber, is a manifestation of the inner peace i am lacking presently and so desperately crave.

Instead of watercolour, with its unpredictability and capriciousness adding to my frustration , i chose to get out those beautiful smooth oil paints purchased a few months back helping me to unwind.

Pushing the lush paint around on the canvas with a large round soft brush, the swirling movements of the ultramarine blue and titanium white paint as it mixed forming her curls, giving them a delicate textural quality, (not evident here in the photo) was almost hypnotic, the rhythmic movements mesmerising… and now when I look back…
“Me thinks i got a little high on the fumes!”


Vesna Designs said...

WOW - You & OILS-
she is beautiful and soooo serene...I need to go into her space...

Jared said...

beautiful Patricia….
the long, gorgeous curls are beautiful, and she looks at peace.
I can just imagine it in real life giving you the hypnotic feeling.


Hi Vesna...yes me and oils...Who would have thought?!
I have dabbled a bit here and there with them and used to sell smaller works like this a few years ago when I had a small shop peddling ceramics mostly.
Thanks for dropping in, appreciate your support.
PS...I want to go there too!

Jared... Thank you for your support.
She does look rather peaceful as you say…I almost envy her!

Jared said...

I think sometimes it’s good to make ourselves relax and just enjoy the peace…i like to do that when i’m out in the mornings shooting, but over a glass of wine is good too ! :))
how’s little Buffy?


You are so right Jared, creativity can be linked very closely to your emotional state of mind.
I can imagine the peace surrounding you on those morning shoots in the beautiful locations you have captured over the last months.
The fumes I spoke of here are the turps i used for the oil painting! Wine is good but not very effective to clean brushes… lol

What a sweetie asking after BU, thank you… He is as well as can be, considering what he has been through.
Loads of TLC is currently being administered!

Steph said...

Gorgeous Patricia.

For me…She is a Goddess of the Sea, very strong water element to her beauty. I bet it felt wonderful to work with oils for a change. Were you playing any music whilst you were creating her?


Hi Steph, thank you so much for your feedback on Lei Dorme.

Funnily enough today I uploaded some sunset photographs in a slideshow into my photography blog Perugina Photography along with some prose about the coming summer and how I love the beach and sea …so perhaps this had some influence.
My photo blog also has a mix of assorted music uploaded into it, so i had this playing in the background.

Oils are wonderful!
Again thank you.

ziggurini said...

Your figures have so much grace. gorgeous work perugina.


Thank you ZG, your feedback is much appreciated.

Mike said...

This is gorgeous Patricia – you just get better and better


Glad you like Mike!
You are very kind in your praise, thank you.
Your support is much appreciated.

Jade E. Henderson said...

She looks beautiful, enjoying the serenity. Lately I'm constantly in a state of anxiety, can't imagine feeling that way. I like your composition in the piece too.

Anonymous said...

Great to see you going back to the Ladies series. I have always loved them. The new oil treatment is fantastic. It seems to generate a whole new dimension. Very quiet & soft. Hope you are better after your ordeal. Look forward to seeing some new work. Stay focused. L


Jade, what a lovely surprise! Thanks for dropping in and leaving your thoughts.
How are your beautiful ladies coming along? I love your style!

Welcome to the ‘disease of the modern age’ constant state of anxiety… let’s all head over to V’s house and help her ‘befriend that bottle!’ :)


L… you are a darl… ;)
This has hopefully provided the kick start I need to get me going.
I know you are a fan of my ladies. This painted in oils looks very different IRL when compared to my Watercolour Ladies which have a delicate layered transparency.

New work?!

I really need to get that WIP finished for the YKW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lunch catch up was great!
Too long between drinks mate!

Renate said...

Stunning artwork Patricia.

Marion said...

you have achieved the serene inner peace in this painting. she is relaxed and beautiful and there is a great balance in the positive and negative spaces which could say (going out ona limb here) that you are more centred than you realise.
just gorgeous!!

Cherished said...

She is stunning Patricia and does give you a hyptonic peaceful feeling. Oils are my fave to work with. Have you tried the Genesis? They are fantastic and no fumes as you use the odourless turps.
Give Buffy my love and a big hug to you

Ana said...

wow…this is gorgeous Patricia!...


Thank you Renate... you are always so kind in your praise and always there in support.

Marion, I thank you for your thoughtful feedback in reply to my latest painting and background information which accompanied it.
I appreciate the time you have taken, and it is very encouraging to read these views and seeing your works through the eyes of others is invaluable. Compositionally I just drew what felt right on the canvas and it went from there.
I welcome your opinions and support always.

Cheryl... thanking you also for your support and your kind words in response to my Donna Blu.
I have heard of Genesis paints, and I know you use them – will need to keep this in mind in the future so I thank you, much appreciated.
Shall pass on your love to BU… (((HUGS))) to you!
:) X

Ana... welcome back. You must be keen to get into creative mode after your break away. Will look forward to seeing your beautiful works.
Thanks for dropping by, glad you like her.

Cheryle said...

Hi Perugina, I love the way she is nestled in her flowing hair-gorgeous work,


Thank you so much Cheryle for your thoughts.
I like that nestled feeling!

WAYNE said...

So great to see your new painting! It's a good idea (I've also found) to switch to a new medium every so often. The hair in this work is full of beautiful spirals and I love the way the hair becomes a 'sea sign' [it's funny I noticed that we are both Cancerians: a sea sign , sensitive and powerfully intuitive, caring, oceanic big-picture.] I love that blue and the foil against the simplicity of the white. The lyricism of the line work and its dominant role in this work means the colour need only set a "key" (musically) IMO. Resonances of Klimt (I mean this as a high compliment as GK was a master of figuration). Her visage has a certain time-transcendence, given to the imagination.

Hope you're feeling better soon:)
Congrats on a great painting,
Cheers & take care,

MimiTabby said...

Very nice Perugina, it does sound like you had a very good time painting with oils.
This is a wonderfully serene painting.

Colin Cartwright said...

Ciao, Patricia.

The ‘Donna Blu’, is superbly painted,
Delicate, fine and beautiful. The face tilted toward the sky, is symbolic and eternal.

La Donna Blu, è superbamente dipinti, Patricia.
Delicato, fine e bella. Il volto inclinato verso il cielo, è simbolico ed eterna.



Wayne...Glad you popped in, you are always a welcome visitor.
Having a variety of mediums on hand here to engage with ensures I am never bored.
This however was borne due to my lack lustre state physically and mentally and my avoidance to plan the work out as I would do (not always) with watercolour.
To amuse myself and to keep it simple paramount, as was the need to start back to painting…

The support here by your generous comments and those of others, in particular your ‘high compliment’ acting like a defibrillator in what has been a ‘flatline’ period creatively speaking, jolting my heart back into a regular rhythm, being Cancerians you would know that ‘for us’ probably more than any other sign (if you give credence to this) emotions are very much intertwined with creativeness, imagination and most importantly motivation.
Cancerians eh? (insert a knowing smile)

Again Wayne, your encouragement is much appreciated and thanking you for the kindness and consideration you have shown me.
A presto!


Mimi…thank you for dropping in, always wonderful to have your thoughts.
Yes… “I pushed the paint around’ and had a great time doing so.
I have a fondness for your dry humour from past comments and correspondence.


Colin… you made me smile!
Sei verramente carino! You are dear!

What a thoughtful comment particularly as you have written it in both English & Italian – Complimenti a te!
I struggle with both at times, I find when I lack the words in one I find the other kicks in. Can be very frustrating! Strangely enough I am ‘on fire’…i.e. very proficient in Italian when having a full on argument! LOL

Grazie for dropping in appreciate your support.
Un caro saluto

Philip Johnson said...

LOL fumes hey !, more the wonderful artist within

Wonderful work as always Patricia love it, great description


Philip, you are such a ‘support de force’ here, you are too kind.

Well that’s my excuse! LOL

wayne said...


Just want to encourage you to keep drawing/painting intuitively. It helped me when I began working that way more and more, not exclusively, but relying more and more on intutive drawing/composing can take your art a long way in the right direction IMO. I guess this comment was inspired by your own reply to Marion above, ' Compositionally I just drew what felt right on the canvas'. That 'intuitive way' is a way to connect to a kind of Universal wellspring of ideas and connections.
cheers and best wishes,

David Burge said...

This is the most peaceful of the series for me.
I do like the way you've nestled your lady into her hair and perhaps the sea, clouds, wind and allowed the top of the space to remain just that.
She also has a serene face. Nicely done Patricia.
Brushwork is confident emotive and expressive.


Hi Wayne,
Thanks again, I am encouraged, firstly, by having you drop in with your support a second time around on the same post permitting a continuing dialogue/ exchange with me here and secondly, presenting an opportunity to gain an insight into your experiences and journey (if only a sliver) as an artist.

I am yet to find my direction, and your comment with regard to using an ‘intuitive’ approach to art when drawing/painting/composing pictures or music even, is one I should exhibit more confidence and belief in and also to be tuned into more frequently.
Thanks again,

Hi DB,
This is a nice surprise and welcome!
Thank you for your positive feedback and your support is very much appreciated.

Your comments particularly with regard to my brushwork being confident, emotive and expressive could be a result of being in the driver’s seat, (sorry to keep using planes, trains and automobiles as analogies and props) oils ain’t goin’ anywhere unless you ‘push them/drive them’ an artist friend of mine says it’s going over to the ‘dark side’… I like that!

Mauro Baglieri said...

Lei dorme. E' bellissimo! I think there is something of Kilmt to your paintings - the golden hues are also suggestive of Byzantine art.


Mauro…Grazie di vero cuore. Sei troppo gentile con i tuoi complimenti.
With truth in my heart I thank you, you are too kind with your compliments here.
Sono contentissima che mi vieni a trovare qui, nella casa mia di pittura, e sono ancora contenta se mi vieni a trovare spesso.
I am very happy that you visit me here in my home where I paint, and happier still that you come visit me often.
I welcome your thoughts always.
Come va la bella Italia?
Ciao, a presto.

Mauro Baglieri said...

Figurati, amo l'arte, e mi piace il blog - c'è un senso di pace e di serenità che traspira dalle tue opere e quindi mi piace starle a guardare. Qui al nord si sta bene, oggi a Verona è stata una giornata bellissima per una passeggiata, il cielo azzurro anche a novembre! Come state a Sidney? Congratulations on your italian, you sound quite fluent. Ciao:-)


Mauro ciao!... Grazie tanto, mi rende felice di leggere i tuoi pensieri per quanto riguarda il mio blog e le mie opere artistiche.

Verona la vorrei visitare la prossima volta che mi trovo in Italia – sarebbe bello... qui in Australia/Sydney ‘le passeggiate’ come il modo di farle in Italia si pratica solo nei pochi luoghi come Manly Beach dove la gente cammina su e giù – un peccato.
Luoghi per ottenere insieme come piazze, che hanno tale scopo in mente e sono al centro di ogni città in Italia sono anche pochi che exsistano qui.
Questo è ciò che rende l'Italia un posto speciale, il modo in cui Lei abbraccia il suo popolo e le sue visitatori.

Riguarda il mio italiano non ho mai veramente la possibilità di praticarla in un vero senso eccezione per parlare con i miei genitori in gran parte – ma in dialetto Rosetano Abbruzzese, Roseto che si trova sul Mare Adriatico.

Mauro hello!...Thanks so much, makes me happy to read your thoughts regarding my blog and my artistic works.

Verona I would very much like to visit the next time I am in Italy –would be nice ... Here in Australia / Sydney 'walks' as in the way you do it in Italy are practiced only in a few places for example like Manly Beach where people parade walking up and down -a pity.
Places to get together squares , which have that purpose in mind and are at the centre of every town in Italy no matter how small or large are also few which exist here.
This is what makes Italy a special place, the way She embraces her people and her visitors.

About my Italian, I am never really able to practice it in a real sense except to talk with my parents mostly - but in the Roseto Abbruzzese dialect, Roseto which is located on the Adriatic Sea.
Speaking of dialects - A study should take place here in Australia whereby the Italian ‘dialects of old’ (which have seen a natural evolution over time in Italy), conversely have seen them preserved here ’frozen’ from isolation and an adherence to hang on to the ‘old days & ways.’ We are often told when going back to Italy that they have not heard this dialect for over 50 years!

Mauro Baglieri said...

Perché no? Nel frattempo, posso darti qualche indicazione se ti può essere utile, opere importanti, ma anche rassegne, mostre. Ci sono eventi tutto l'anno, e dato che la città antica è piccola, le cose più belle sono tutte lì, condensate nel centro storico.

I think squares are modeled on the Roman forums - they were places, as you know, where people gathered to talk business - Piazza Erbe in Verona stands on the same place of its forum, but is a blend of Roman (the while marble of the piazza) and medieval (the red medieval palazzi that surround it with the two towers at both ends). Most of all, no cars, no buses here - only a small spot where I like to get lost sometimes. Art is not just volume, I think, but the empty space left by matter - thoughts floating in the air, between a ray of sun and a cloud.

L'Abruzzo ha un mare meraviglioso, anche la storia della mia famiglia è legata al mare, quello della Sicilia - anche se io sono nato in Veneto i miei legami con il sud sono sempre fortissimi per quanto sia lontano ora - alle volte la distanza avvicina, non allontana, io posso dirmi fortunato per avere una famiglia che è stata sempre vicino a me.

A presto, ma io torno sempre a vedere il tuo meraviglioso giardino di colori.