work in progress

magnolia in vintage vase II
still life

In watercolour class today i started my re-do.

I am admitting to my obsession with this vase and my determination to make this work!Approaching this starting with the centres this time rather than plonking them over the top of an already painted flower.

This was the downfall of the first version, failing to plan out the work and not thinking out the process.


Sandy said...

This looks fine so far Perugina...but personally, I think the other one was fine all it's stages.


Hi Sandy, your positive encouragement is just what I need, thank you.

This particular piece was not planned out thoroughly enough initially.
With my strategy changed I think I will come closer to how I would like this to look.
Unfortunately my painting skills fall very short of what I have as a vision in my head.

Anonymous said...

This is starting to look like another wonderful painting. The new strategy seems to be working. I can't wait to see the finished article. Keep the vision. L


L... lol... found the comment that you pulled me up on...

Accept my humble apologies!
You can see the lastest installment at the start of the blog.
Yes the strategy has worked so far... am happier with the results this time around.
Keep in touch through the gmails!