Rolf Harris
Star Portraits

Eat Your Heart Out!
i'll have my tuna now!
Cattitude Series
No 2

Oil on Canvas
Nora Sallows


Anyone who has been following the series Rolf Harris Star Portraits will know the format.

In each program, a known celebrity is chosen to have their portrait painted by three professional artists. Each painting that celebrity in their own unique style. We watch the painting process and at the end the portraits are revealed to the celebrity, where they will have to choose their favourite portrait to keep.

In this instance...Buffy AKA The Killa Chinchilla and my 'STAR' was chosen by American artist Nora Sallows to include in a series of oil paintings called 'Cattitudes' Cats with Attitude.

Buffy with those looks of his was immediately chosen as he is definitely a Cat With Plenty of Attitude! He even comes with his own warning label in the Vet data bases here in Sydney, i kid you not!

i was thrilled to finally get the painting home after it going lost in the US Nora and myself much to panic about. Arriving safely... you will agree that she has absolutely 'nailed' his likeness.

We had our own reveal here with 'The Star' present, and although he did not have to chose which portrait he liked best, i was thrilled with it and will cherish it forever. It really captures the essence of Bu.

Buffy has always been a feisty ball of fur, and has had a fighting spirit since day one, when as a kitten and only after a few days of having him home, i almost lost him as he was suffering from a nasty viral infection.

He is 16 this year and despite all the veterinary intervention year in and year out, you can still see that fighting spirit in those eyes.

Thank you Nora for choosing my

Lauren AAF
Wow, that's really cool! I really like that (and I don't normally like animal paintings so that is saying something)

sweetmango AAF
Great painting of Buffy, you must be so pleased with it...and I am so glad that it turned up in the end!! It really is very well done and definitely captures his 'attitude' so well! Love the photo too by the way, Buffy sitting in front of his portrait, ... well captured :)

Lauren... Hi, praise indeed for a non animal painting lover... hehehehe.
Sweetmango...You cannot imagine the relief in the end for Nora and myself when it finally arrived... and believe me this was not an easy task getting Buffy to sit still and have his photo taken with his portrait... bribing was involved!
It was more of a case of... Give it to me NOW!
I'm absolutely thrilled with how Nora captured his likeness.

That's one intense looking stare Buffy has there - very unique.
Portrait really does capture his likeness well too.

PG I have a crush on so gorgeous...still think he looks better in life than on painting !!!

Hi TET... thanks. The cat stare equivalent of 'guns at 20 paces!'
Hi V-Mak... No one has a crush on Buffy... it's a matter of look but don't touch me!
He hospitalised one of the vet nurses at the vet he goes too... almost mauling her arm off!
Thanks for saying he is gorgeous... iIlove him to bits and he really is a softy beneath all that fluff...

Helm AAF
Your cat rocks! Love that gaze, so intense, questioning. Attitude indeed. Great that you got your painting mate.

Holley AAF
That is very kewl! What a gorgeous kitty you have!!! I had a Chinchilla when I was a youngster, his name was Crazy and he really was a wild cat - rest his soul!

Judy AAF
What a gorgeous cat !
Have to laugh at his expression of total disapproval, which you captured so well.

Thanks Helm... It was panic stations there for a while and had poor Nora fretting like mad and me in tears!
But it all worked out well in the end and we are all happy... except perhaps Buffy who was sick of having to sit his toosh on the cold glass coffee table while I bribed him in order to take the purfect photo!
Perhaps this explains his intense
Hi Holley...Chinchillas are known for their wild tempers...must be all that hair that makes them temperamental...with the emphasis on the mental! lol
Buffy is just very intelligent and doesn't like anyone to mess with him.
Thanks for stopping by.
Hi Judy...I so agree with you... I love this photo..."Total disapproval" got that in's just so him!

Just letting everyone know that I cannot resist including these replies in my blog so Nora Sallows can have a read at the responses. I also record my blog and have turned it into a journal as well...which I upload into a word document.

A momento to leave behind.

Thanks to you all.



Dancing-Light-Studio said...

I am "almost" speechless, Patricia. Your beautiful cat is a treasure and his expressive eyes shine with personality. Thank you for allowing me to paint him and include him in this series. His wonderful fur was such a pleasure to paint and I cannot believe how much the painting looks like him! WOW! Thank you for the lovely references here on your blog too. :) Your American friend, Nora


Hi Nora,
You cannot fathom how thrilled I was with this when I finally revealed the painting releasing it from its packaging!
It's even more beautiful IRL than in the photo you sent me.

Buffy in true form... as you can see in the photo here, performed his best 'Cattitude' just for you!

Believe me... it was not easy! Bribing was involved... and not just the ordinary bribe... 'This Look' was more the case of...
"Give it to me NOW!"

Keep in touch.

PS... I told you your painting looked like him!

MimiTabby said...

Lovely painting of your cat! I like it.


Thanks Mimi