work in progress

magnolia in vintage vase II

still life

32 x 23 cm

watercolour on arches
300gsm cp fine

magnolia in vintage vase II
Still Life

Will try and get some more work done on this today.

The progress on this one is slow, the centres are proving to be more involved, however I do enjoy this as it has a calming effect, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

There is something mysterious about engaging in painting, like entering another Universe that is not part of this world.

My good friend and talented artist Sandra Wilson calls it 'The Zone'


Anonymous said...

Water colours fascinate me, I love watching your water colours evolve. It is not a medium that I have really used at all. I have some but have only dabbled in them maybe 3 or 4times!! How big is this piece Perugina?


I should have included the measurements, it's a quater sheet of Arches paper approximately 23 x 34 cm.

Watercolour is for me a fascinating medium also, I never tire of discovering the personalities of each colour.
Their chemical compositions each intermingling differently with one another... a little like relationships in life... some can bring out the best in each or Then you add water (the life) to the mix and watch...

Discovery being the fun part, the same applies with the painting!
It is painting now we are talking about...yes! lol

Nick said...

I like this subject matter and how you're handling it. Enjoyed all those photos too!

Anonymous said...

This is coming along nicely. You seem to have a special way with flowers. Perhaps its the watercolour medium. I like your comparison to relationships. Can't wait to see the finished article. L

Sandy said...

Hi Perugina!This is looking great at this stage...I know it will be great at the finish too!


NNG...Thanks, and glad you enjoyed the class photos too!

L...thanks for leaving your thoughts, you are becoming a frequent visitor here. Nice!
This one could take a while as I haven't had a chance to work on it since last week in class.

Sandy... I hope so, taking this nice and slow this time around and also thinking it through thoroughly...however it's not going as fast as i would like.

Nikolai said...

Hi perugina, thought your blog is worth a visit too and guess what, I am right:-)
I don't have any talent for watercolor paintings. The more I admire artists who have. It is very interesting to watch the progress of doing it. And it is becoming a wonderful painting.
I also love the"killa chinchilla" painting by Nora Sallow. I can imagine perfectly how much you must have been thrilled by this.
And by the way, one of the most wonderful persons who I know and who I am allowed to call my friend is an Olga too. And she is an brilliant artist too:-)

Nick said...

this one's going to be a major keeper, where's the finish???!


What a wonderful surprise, thanks for dropping in…I know how you like your coffee! (insert wink)

Thank you for the lovely words of encouragement on my WIP.

As for the Buffy painting, yes I was absolutely thrilled to finally see it IRL!

Thank you or telling me of your artist friend Olga, seems to be a name that I hear often these days. There is a brilliant Artist who visits my blog from time to time and his wife is called Olga. My Olga in class, I have great affection for, she has a wonderful spirit and a never give up attitude.

Keep in touch Nikolai and drop in anytime for that cuppa!


NNG, I hope this is a good thing… “major keeper?” I can’t seem to get any time here at home to finish this one with the only time being in class once a week...urrgh!

I sourced some large sheets of Arches Paper today in town...100cm x 67cm so I’m excited. Have sourced some on a roll but have to drive some way to get it…and it’s what I have asked for, for my birthday next week! Yipeeeeee!

SrishtiArt said...

Bithday next week!!! Yay!!! When is it???? Thereare so many June b'day people I know!!! including my twin daughters... a lot of people in family and some of my very best friends from school!
And I am adding one more to my list now!!! Woo hoo....
Keep going on those magnolias!!!

Srishti said...

Hi Perugina!!!

How are you doing? I have been watching your magnolias last few days and they are just so lovely!!!
I haven’t seen any new entries for some time, so I assume you have been busy with something.

Good news! I finally got myself a blog!!! Now you can drop by and say hi anytime you want!!! :D

Thanks so much for the inspiration!

Take Care


Hi Srishti,
So so happy that you have a blog too.
Will look forward to see what is happening in the world of Srishti Art.

PS... I have been running around doing other things not art related unfortunately and can't seem to put any time aside to finish this magnolia. It's starting to bug me!
Perhaps this afternoon if I'm lucky.


Srishti... I have loads of birthdays this month too...mine included, however by the end of the month... June 27 I'm over it!

So the twin girls are Cancerians or Gemini?

I have put in a birthday request this year...
I hopes to get me a big roll of Arches Paper...and if I'm really...really lucky some sable brushes! A girl can live in hope!

SrishtiArt said...

Why Geminis of coruse!!! They are twins, right ;) ha ha!!!!

Wtercolor roll and sable brushes!!! Yipee!!!! You go girl!!! What are your plans on your b'day?
Have fun :D


Srishti... nothing exciting for my b'day... just another day where one more kilometre is added to the odometer!
Twin girls... and Gemini's to have your hands full!

MimiTabby said...

Hey Happy Birthday!
I keep checking in here; would like to see your progress. I hope you got something wonderful for your birthday!

SrishtiArt said...

Yes, they are a handful ;) They just turned 6... My older boy is going to be 8 in September.


Mimi...thanks 2 more sleeps to go!
Wonderful... I hope so... and would be good to do somemore work on these I know... perhaps in art class tomorrow.

Srishti... what a lovely age to be 6 & 8... enjoy!

SERGIG said...

Complimenti per i tuoi lavori! poi le magnolie sono fantastiche.....lo sai che un debole per i fiori!!

Congratulations for your work! then the magnolias are fantastic ..... know that a weakness for flowers!


Sergig...Grazie veramente. Sei molto gentile che sei venuto a trovarmi qui... Che carino!

Mi piaciano tanto i tuoi fiori stupendi! Sono stata tanta contenta vedere i tuoi lavori e spero di incontrarti spesso nel tuo Blog per vedere le tue novita`. Sei molto bravo.
Ciao per adesso.
la Perugina

Jeanette said...

This is coming along lovely Perugina. I really thought I had commented previously about the magnolia, but must have been another one with the vintage vase -always so lovely.


Thank you Jeanette, the Vintage Vases have been in vogue for a while and you did leave a much appreciated comment on my other magnolia... If you click on the Email Follow-up Comments you will automatically be notified of my reply... this is the case with all Blogger Blogs... that way you don't have to keep checking on your comments and keeping track of where you left them. Hope that makes sense.

Thanks for popping in again... if you need any help with the Blog please don't hesitate to gmail me... only too happy to help in my limited capacity.
Thank you for your support and encouragement.