work in progress

beneath blue mountain gums

for the love of the mountains

no 1


Art Spectrum Colours

French Ultramarine Blue
Antwerp Blue
Yellow Ochre
Permanent Rose

Playing with Masking Fluid & Watercolour Washes
Masking fluid has never really excited me. This yellow stinky liquid rubber drying
before i can get it anywhere near the paper, only resulting in having to throw away the brush, really infuriates me!

Listening to others say time and time again, how they love masking fluid, even buying the most expensive one on the market only to leave it in the bottom of my art bag as i don't really care for the stuff taking into account my experiences thus far which left me saying in reply "What a croc!"

That is until I watched its application by the talented hand of Nicholas Simmons.

Very casually going through his arsenal of brushes and other weapons of choice before commencing one of his masterpieces in his DVD Innovative Watermedia, he generously goes through his process beginning with preparing paper, right through to the signing and stamping of his completed work.

Thank you NNG for providing many artists with an insight into your methods some of which i am having a play with in this latest WIP.

Sticking with a familiar subject at least provides me with some comfort whilst out of my depth with the process. Baby steps here... but quite excited to see what i can achieve and where i can go.

As you can see the masking fluid behaved. Soap really is a wonderful thing!
My only dilema is i use liquid soap here and wanting to adhere strictly to tip given on Nick's DVD had to crack my only bar of soap, the Chanel - No 5 of course I swear! With the added benefit of masking "the stink" as well! :D


the next instalment

Chocky started out keen to help and to watch this morning... it was all too much after about 10 minutes!

I do adore his company while I paint even though he sleeps half the time.

This was a great exercise extending my skills in watercolour.
I'm quite happy with the results and having worked through this am keen on trying another, to approach the background with a little more gusto.

Thanks to those of you who have dropped by, leaving your encouraging comments, i really appreciate them.


Peter Zentjens said...

Ow, this looks mighty interesting Perugina. Can't wait to see the final result.

Sandy said...

Wow! Good stuff Patricia!What a wonderful way to explore the qualities of masking fluid(thanks Nick!!!) using it on an Aussie gum leaf painting...I know the Chanel No5 had a heap to do with the quality, but your own distinctive style still shows...looking forward to a "Grand Finale"

PERUGINA ART said... made it!
Very nice of you to come around and visit. Much appreciated my fellow RB mate!
Funny I can't wait to see how it turns out too. Could be embarrassing...hee hee hee
I'm enjoying it however.
Keep in touch as I will with how you go.


Hi Sandy... yes A Big Thanks To Nick... you know i never knew about the soap... had a conversation with another artist MIMI...she didn't know about the soap thing either!

I hope this doesn't go awry... I had fun last night... I did the pour thing on the Billiard Table... Mario having KITTENS! He doesn't play it much any more... least it comes in handy for something.

I did cover it with heavy duty pastic... the only table large enough here. You know what HE IS like over Skype!
The Chanel made it the odour very pleasant! LOL

If it doesn't turn out i had fun in any case with the experimentation!

Anonymous said...

This looks fantastic. The effect is incredible. Will look out for the end product. Viva Chanel 5! L


L...Thanks for your confidence.
I wish I felt as you do here. I know... you know what I mean about the Chanel L... Excellent!

SrishtiArt said...

Congratulations on taming the masking fluid!!! :D


Srishti... YEAH!...
How's the blogging going?
Will be over to see what's happening.

Nikolai said...

Hey perugina!
Your magnolia became as beautiful as expected!! I almost feel a drive ot try it myself, but as I said already I have no talent for it. The new one is going to be great as well. Congrats to your victory over the stinky fluid. Chanel NO.5! Not bad :-)


Nikolai… thanks for your kind comment on the magnolia, it’s not quite finished yet… perhaps this week… it has been my project in class this term.
I was itching to get something new started here and thrilled to finally know how to use masking fluid…

Nick said...

Oh my, you didn't even tell me. I know it's not done, but is it just coincidence that this is looking like your best w/c yet? The big challenge with masking fluid is working the edges afterwards so it's not immediately obvious you used it....but you probably know that. And the ubiquitous gum tree...gonna have to paint one of those someday, will be looking for your dvd on the subject. Carry on!


NNG… I didn’t tell you about my latest painting. I was hoping to surprise you and looks as though I’ve succeeded.

You are too kind with your comments… a coincidence I think not… perhaps it’s because I have finally in my hands the “secret weapon” which all those who endeavour to tame the watercolour beast shouldn’t be without… NNG’s DVD choc full of tips and practical advice & MF!

I am slowly working those edges out…so time consuming.

There will be plenty of gum trees here waiting for you when those “Cyclonic Winds” blow you “down under.”
Haven’t you booked that first class ticket yet?
Remember those dinners everyone has promised you ;) … least your meals are taken care of!

Always great to have your support.

Anonymous said...

Wow it is looking fantastic PG, the colours of the leaves are just beautiful! Look how neat and tidy your work area is, I am somewhat jealous!! I don't think you would want to see me painting one of my massive landscapes in oil LOL!!! Oh the mess I have to clean up :)I don't even think Chocky would sit with me, he would end up being a multi-coloured oily furball!! Look forward to seeing the end product :) SM


SM…LOL… Oils are messy yes… that’s why I love watercolour, but don’t you worry watercolours can be pretty messy too depending on what methods you employ.

I have to be neat here on this table!

Chocky and oil definitely don’t mix… he frequently sits on top of my work! Hopefully it’s dry by the time he decides to plant himself! It’s really wonderful to see his little face and eyes moving in the same direction as the brush… Coco used to do the same thing… my gorgeous girl!
Chocky it seems has taken up her mantle.

SrishtiArt said...

Perugina!!! The leaves look sooo lovely!!! Chocky is sooo cute.... I love his little face! :D
Great work!!! I think it's stunning....


Srishti... Chocky's the best! Looks as though I have a couple of sessions to go with this and then some decisions as to what else I can do with the background to perhaps give it another dimension.
Thanks for your lovely comment.
It's been a very interesting exercise up till now.

SrishtiArt said...

{clap clap clap} This is gorgeous perugina!!! I absolutely love it!!!
Do you never tape your down/Stretch it... ? Is it a 300# or 140#? (140lb is 300 gsm, I think)

And oh... tell me what lovely pigments you chose to use here? They are beautiful!!!

So what do you think about MF? Do you like the final result better than if you hadn't used it?

Sandy said...

This is looking fantastic! I think this is your best painting yet! I love it!

Anonymous said...

This is progressing beautifully. Ean WIP panel gets better & better. Can't wait for the end product. L


Srishti… Thank you so much for your enthusiasm for my WIP.

Sometimes I do stretch my paper but in this instance was trying to employ some of the techniques Nick Simmons demonstrates in his DVD called Innovative Watermedia with the background wash.
Have you seen the preview on his blog… there is a link in this post as well as a link to his blog... Go and have a peek!

The paper used here is 300 gsm.
I’m using Art Spectrum Watercolours which are manufactured here in Australia (supporting the local product) will list these later…so you will have to stay tuned.

Masking Fluid definitely has its place and I would not hesitate to utilize it for future projects… it was its application that had me puzzled and couldn’t understand why anyone would put themselves through that torture! Enlightenment is a wonderful thing!

Sandy… Thank you so much. Your opinion, support and advice means a great deal to me.

L… Thank you so much for following this through I very much appreciate you supportive comments along the way. We will have to catch up for coffee soon! Too long between drinks.
Keep in touch.

Sandy said...

What a "grand finale"! This is superb!

Anonymous said...

It's just fantastic! The final work is worth the wait. I just love the colour and the way you have captured the leaves. You can almost touch them & feel them. Well done Perugina. Such talent. What next? L


Sandy... Thank you so much... what a wonderful thing to say.

L...A great rainy/cold and bleak Friday to finish this painting...I'm glad I have.
I am currently applying the masking fluid to the next one... want to try a different approach this time.
You are too kind with your comments "L"
I hope to show this to you IRL.
There are so many things I'd like to try... I wish I had started painting in watercolour years's like I am playing at catch up and am hungry to do more!
Appreciate your support here.

Anonymous said...

Just lovely PG. The colours in the leaves are divine!!! Sounds like you have the painting bug really goes in stages doesn't it?? I have dreamt about art in some form every night for 2 weeks now, I just can't get enough :) so I completely understand the feeling of too much painting to do, not enough time.
I can't wait to see your next one...*jumping up and down* :)


SM… Thank you for you support during this WIP… much appreciated.
I totally agree with having the painting bug! This is when you need to take full advantage of this surge of creative energy. Dreaming can help with the process too.
Coffee?... Maybe a decaf in this instance.