watercolour on arches
300 gsm cp fine

21 x 39 cm


inspired by photo
Dendrobium lineale 'Morobe Shower'
Craig Scott-Harden

i'm a huge fan of the orchid species, owing much of my collection to the generosity of my dear friend Graeme Banks.

Graeme along with his son David Banks, are orchid growers and run Hills District Orchids in Sydney. He makes sure that i am never without the Australian Orchid Review magazine, sending me a copy hot off the press as his son David is the current editor. Every edition of this magazine contains many interesting articles & pictures promoting these incredibly beautiful flowers.
Thank you Graeme, i hope that i may contribute, if only in small part, to the charity close to your heart Retina Australia for your generosity and more importantly for your continued friendship and support since coming to know you. perugina

painted in watercolour group
thursday 27th august, 2009

perugina art © 2009 patricia vannucci

it wasn't me

my boy Chocky
quick pencil sketch

30 x 20 cm

wednesday 26th august, 2009
10.20 pm

The Burmese Breed Profile from The Cat Fanciers’ Association website states..

“Burmese have large, expressive eyes that are great pools of innocence and seductive appeal, irresistible in effect. These eyes are their most persuasive weapon in an arsenal of endearing traits that mask an awesome power to hypnotize their owners into life-time love affairs through which they effortlessly rule their families.”

They got that right!

perugina art © 2009 patricia vannucci

notes on a violin

watercolour on arches
300gsm cp fine

38 x 29 cm


watercolour blooms are not accepted by everyone, personally i really love them!
to me it is what really screams 'watercolour'!

i am thinking of painting a larger version of this where i can really let loose on those washes, colour interactions and encourage even more blooms, backruns and drips.

i've been hoarding some 640 gsm arches paper.. perhaps this is the time to rip open the wrap on this beautiful paper.

painted 19th august, 2009

perugina art © 2009 patricia vannucci

feather dance

watercolour on arches
300 gsm cp fine

28 x 38 cm
leave me a feather
resting in my palm
so light bearing no weight
yet heavy on my heart
fly, fly through cloudless sky
like notes on endless lines
accompanied by top notes that sing
soul which in middle lies
allowed to dance freely
here in is the joy
here in is to love
watercolour with no preliminary drawing & poem inspired by the beautiful music of
A Solo Piano Odyssey

Thank you Jo for your kind thoughts on my piano rendition of your Planet Earth!
Also your feedback on my poem inspired by your beautiful music
The Feather Dance

words © 2009 patricia vannucci
written using mobile phone text messaging
painted 18th august, 2009

perugina art © 2009 patricia vannucci

getting to know you

loose pencil sketch

29 x 40 cm


my violin before the fine tuners were taken off the G and D strings by my teacher who i affectionately and respectfully call maestro!

after a lengthy practice session, sat down and spent some time making a loose pencil sketch, it looks askew as a result of having the instrument sitting to my left side instead of having it directly out in front as most would when drawing. Not that this bothers me much, however as the violin is an instrument of great symmetrical beauty i have committed a ‘crime’ to the luthiers craft, my sincere apologies, i am after all ‘getting to know you’ the instrument that is.

wednesday 12th august, 2009

perugina art © 2009 patricia vannucci

senza foglie
without leaves

watercolour & gouache
on arches 300 gsm cp

36 x 56 cm


being winter in the southern hemisphere at present, this was inspired by the deciduous trees about the place which lay dormant and are senza foglie – which is Italian for without leaves.

using masking fluid to leave the bare branches of the trees in negative so it left me free to play around with a wash of indigo blue, antwerp blue & permanent crimson, was just the ticket to ease my journey back into painting and reconnecting with watercolour.

i was not after a perfect wash and i really like to create cauliflowers, they fascinate me and i stand there captivated as they happen.

the moon was then added in before rubbing back the masking fluid to reveal the effect.

i’m not sure whether to call this a treescape or landscape nevertheless it was just an experimental exercise which i kept simple so as to get me going in a positive direction whilst utilizing a negative effect.

painted in watercolour group
13th august, 2009

perugina art © 2009 patricia vannucci

make me cry

preliminary work
watercolour & gouache

on arches 300gsm cp

38 x 50 cm

inspired by the large full moon of
Saturday 8th august 2009

painted tuesday 11th august, 2009
perugina art © 2009 patricia vannucci
words © 2009 patricia vannucci


After a long break from painting, the weekend finally saw me bring brush to paper.

i feel i have lost that connection with the fluidity of watercolour and so was overwhelmed with thoughts of starting.

i have also been without my computer for the last month as it had a major meltdown and needed hard drive replacement, so i am feeling overwhelmed on many fronts!

my apologies to you all for my long silence, hoping and trust you understand, it may take me a while to catch up with everything and to come around to see what you have been doing.

looking forward to your continued support, it is very much appreciated.