the sea hath its pearls
Painted 1897
William Henry Margetson
1861 - 1940
A visit to the NSW Art Gallery here in Sydney must include for me personally...
10 minutes of standing in front of this, my favourite work.
I see this work everyday as a large print in my bathroom here at home but to see it IRL is divine.
This British painter, illustrator and designer studied at Dulwich College, then at the South Kensington Schools and the Royal Academy Schools.
His figurative water-colours and oil paintings show the development from late Victorian style to Edwardian post-impressionist techniques.
Annie ...
this post is for you... to let you know that I am thinking of you!


Annie said...

Thankyou Perugina,
You are a true and beautiful friend,
The world would be a wonderful place if more people were like you!

Thankyou so much for your friendship,
love ,


Annie, we are nothing if we can't help each other in what ever form that may take...

What I find really sad are those that don't appreciate or recognise the hand that is stretched out before them in friendship and kindness.
Yours, i recognise and is so valued by me.
Your support and your time (which is precious to us all and hard to come by at times) is much appreciated.

You are doing so wonderfully well in your watercolour work and i appreciate sharing in them with you and am excited for you.

Nice to be able to have someone like you to share in this journey.

Love to you,