pumpkin before soup
still life

23 x 32 cm

watercolour on fabriano artistico 300gsm

Thanking the members of WC for their feedback and replies.


Perugina...I have really developed into a "fan" of yours.
Glad your still posting here. I see the "trick" with the shadow, nice. And you did a wonderful job demonstrating the forgiveness of the Fabriano paper.
I like that paper too.
I pose a question for you...I like your ballerina's...do you think you will ever do male compliments in shades of blue? That a buyer could have .... sort of a "modern version" of the famous "Pinky" and "Blue Boy" paintings....I would be interested in picking a male/female pair in print or greeting card form...
WC! Guide
Beautiful Mid-Michigan

WOW Perguina this is AMAZING!!
THANK YOU so much for this WIP. Very well done and very thorough. The finished painting is just great, has wonderful texture, color and style.I've rated your thread.

Peggy SCx
Ocean Shores, WA

I like that pumpkin; great thread. You seem to have a great sense of humor!
This is wonderful-thanks for showing.
I'm checking out Fabriano Artistico 140# right now, my first sheet. I agree about being more forgiving than Arches.
So far, I like it. I've heard great things about the 300#, which is next on my list.
Jerry Art Arama has it on sale until the end of the month.I really like your technique with this, the colors glow.

Metro Detroit

I love the beautiful detail and texture. I have only one suggestion - making the shadow closer to the pumpkin a bit darker.

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Beautiful Mid-Michigan

I commented on your painting in the studio and also rated your thread. WONDERFUL to watch this take shape Perugina!
Love the light on this pumpkin!

Southern Style
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Texas Gulf Coast

Great texture and warm colors! Very nicely painted!

Massachusetts, USA

Oh the texture is fantastic. I agree with adding a darker shadow. It will really stand out then.


Very nicely painted PERUGINA,remember your vase,don"t mess with that shadow.
Best from mike.


Really nice texture on the pumpkin...............Lenore

Upper Peninsula of Michigan

Love this...such great color. That pumpkin is fantastic!
Yeah, I suppose it could use a darker area of shadow close to the pumpkin but, if you're worried about messing it up, I wouldn't worry too much about it.

New Brunswick, Canada


New Canaan Connecticut

Wonderful , Perugina !
More shadow would define it better , I agree .
Your color is perfect .I will have to get your recipe for it . Ours is just olive oil, oregano and chicken broth and light cream added at the end . Yum !Haven't had it in a long time . You are approaching Winter?? Spring for us , so No pumpkins til fall .

mrs willow
Victoria, Australia
Great pumpkin painting Perugina!
Although I agree that a darker shadow closer to the pumpkin would be good ...I am listening to Mikes advice too....Pumpkin soup! My recipe is the same as June's. I have just made some! Delicious!
Cheers Sandy

Washington DC

Yeah Perugina!!
Very cool and I think you've kicked it up a few notches too, you should be happy.
At this rate you'll be one of those fabled cyclonic winds from Oz.
More than the value of the shadow, I'm bothered by the bottom of it being parallel to the edge....to my eye it should go out of the picture a bit.
Keep up this new work, it's exciting!


Very very natural Perugina. Its a great painting.Marcel
Beautiful pumpkin and I love the background color you chose. The shadow comments are valid, but I agree that if you think you might ruin your lovely painting in trying to change it, I would just leave it as is.

outside of Boston, MA
love the title..and you did such a great job capturing the unique colors and textures!


Splendido acquerello


Splendido acquerello Siamo in accordo!
che bei colori!
I love how it absolutely glows!

Thanking the members of AAF for their feedback and replies.

Location: mexico

what a wonderful water color artist you are. i love the definition you get in the folds of the pumpkin skin...great

Perugina, that is just lovely, I feel like I could reach into my screen and pick that pumpkin up, so life like!
Great piece of work!

Bob Abrahams

Originally Posted by sweetmango

Perugina, that is just lovely, I feel like I could reach into my screen and pick that pumpkin up, so life like!
Great piece of work!
Thats just how I felt too
Location: Mornington Peninsula, Victoria Australia

I really love the background, the pumpkin is just the cutest thing too, full of character and personality.

Location: Melbourne

Well Done Perugina -this has been wonderful to fallow through !! The work looks GREAT !!!


You inspire me to have a go at painting vege's and fruit which I have never done .This is wonderful Perugina, the colours are great, you are very clever

Location: melbourne australia

It's really nice to see a watercolour take shape Perugina! I find it an impossible medium to work with. You seem to be handling it beautifully.Lovely work. :)


Thankyou for sharing your process Perugina. Look forward to the next one.

Location: Melbourne

Your use and working with water colour amazas me ( as well as all other watercolour artist)- it is one medium I have no ability with - Fantastic Work !!!!

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