pink and blue
Bob Abrahams

Bob’s Impressionistic Still Life paintings are full of colour, life and texture and I love this style of painting.

This one titled Pink and Blue painted in oil is from his own photo reference
of a gorgeous coral vine currently in flower in Western Australia where Bob resides.
Initially thinking it was a Bougainvillea.
He has very generously and kindly granted me permission to borrow his photo reference
which caught my eye so i can create my own watercolour work from it.

Thank you Bob!

You can see Bob’s work by visiting Reflections On My Paintings 2008

I have included Bob in my labels titled My Favourite Paintings and Artists Who’s Works Inspire
This is my favourite painting of yours Bob so very colourful and cheerful, and that
blue glass vase is just gorgeous!
If I ever get around to painting my watercolour i will probably call it just that.
'The Blue Glass Vase' and it will serve as a reminder of your generosity, youthful spirit and energy you dedicate to your art.

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