My art work has come to a sudden halt over the last month.

Moving my art space, and with all that transpired this last week with Buffy and although i have still uploaded the latest news into my blog, it still feels like i have been away for an eternity.

It would be remiss if i didn't thank all who have supported me during this time with your messages, thoughts and prayers for Buffy - from my heart, it helped tremendously!

Hopefully, with the worst behind us, with Buffy on the improve everyday, i can settle into my regular routine here at home, getting back to the painting, and finishing those WIPs started a few months ago.

November will be an extremely busy month starting with the Rhododendron Festival Annual Art Exhibition, Blackheath, Blue Mountains, as well as being an invited artist in the Oatley 101 Society of Artists, November Gallery Exhibition.

November also sees me working on a submission and commissioned project which needs to be completed by months end, more news on this later.

With so much crammed into these last months of 2008, and with some personal health issues as well, it had me having to make some hard decisions last couple of months.

For one, having to pull out of the Northern Expressions Annual Christmas Exhibition in Fairlight, Manly.
However I am looking forward to my involvement next year and wish the participating artists all the very best for a successful show - hope to see everyone on opening night!

Also, not being able to uphold my commitment to creating the Christmas Card this year for Retina Australia - this probably saddened me the most. Graeme, President of Retina Australia, was very understanding and we have reset this goal for 2009 simply offering me words of comfort, "Things will happen in their own good time and it wasn't meant to be for 2008"

Thank you Graeme, for your understanding and patience and I hope 2009 is a better year for us both!
Catch up soon!

So with the Christmas decs, cards and paper already making their appearance in the retail industry signalling to all that the chaos has officially started, and with the summer break looming near, the need to tie up these loose ends so 2009 can start afresh is imperative.

Now, hopefully it’s back to the art!


Marion said...

look forward to seeing what you produce after such a harrowing month!


Honestly…I’m a little nervy about it actually.

Marion said...

dive right in with some messy wet in wet and don’t care about the result – that will get your creative juices flowing and you’ll be right then to get on with the rest. a good wet in wet is like warming up exercises for singers – gets you prepared and ready to give your best.

Cheryle said...

Glad to hear Buffy is on the mend-Hope all the exhibitions go well.


Marion, what a darl you are with this suggestion, I wouldn’t have thought of doing that at all. This plan of yours is a brilliant idea!
I would have just tried to pick up where i left off with the two WIPs i have to finish…. like you said “warming up” and hopefully this will give me some of my confidence back.
Thank you so much for your encouragement and this wise advice.

Thank you so much Cheyle for following up on Buff and for the well wishes on the exhibitions, much appreciated.

Peter said...

I sure hope so too, it has been way to long since I saw new watercolour work by you!
And you say something about me!

Jared said...

you’ll do fine Patricia !
good luck finishing off those paintings and with all the shows !


LOL… Peter, you are too good.
Well… we can both spur each other on… you know it’s called encouragement… thanks for yours! I’ll try not to disappoint!

Thanks Jared, you are a gem! I appreciate your well wishes.
You can see I’m putting your computer teachings to good use!

Jared said...


WAYNE said...

I discern sincerity and integrity in your art.
With these you can go very far:)

Take it easy.... i'm so glad you are taking a little weight off that load you are feeling at present.

I really look forward to seeing some of your new art! Just don't push yourself too hard:)

Take care ~W


Wayne, Thank you for your supportive comments here, much appreciated.

With some of my commitments off loaded I do feel a sense of relief, however I can’t help but feel part of me has failed.
Having said this, I need to be realistic in recognising too, that sometimes the frailty of human nature, physiologically and psychologically, one can only do so much.
Finishing off the two WIP I have pending will help go towards feeling a little better about myself.

I am meant to drive up to Blackheath today to enter my paintings in the Rhododendron Festival Annual Art Exhibition in Blackheath and I am going to have to summon all of my positive thinking to get moving.

Nick said...

I don't know what happened with Buffy, but it sounds as though she's still with us. We should all have 9 lives!


NNG...Buffy's doing as well as can be considering... and is still here as feisty as ever! :)
9 lives... I wish!

Must go now and clean up another projectile vomit – i.e. Buffy’s