just a man
thoughts can overwhelm, a powerful force humbling the resolute.

graphite drawing on paper

27 x 42 cm


Having a break from watercolour and enjoying my brief return to graphite, much to my father's delight. He loves my work in this medium and was taken with this latest piece. I have always loved him for the support he has given me with my art.


Marion said...

This is just brilliant. i hope you will exhibit him locally as i would adore to see this IRL.


Marion... Thanks for your support your comments are very encouraging. Perhaps along with exhibiting some of these and seeing each others works IRL which are so familiar through cyberspace…we will also eventually meet. :) PG

Bob AAF said...

Very impressive painting, effective use of black and white.


Bob...Thank you, it's encouraging to get some feedback on my drawing.
I was wondering whether you or anyone here thinks i need to work some more detail into his hand and fingers?

Jared said...

oh Patricia – this is just wonderful – a marvelous addition to your first drawing.
He has so much character once again and I can almost read his thoughts.


Jared... thank you so much for leaving your thoughts on Just A Man and am happy to have received such enthusiastic feedback from you. He does have a characterful face with much strength and also compassion.

Bob AAF said...

I think you have already made made a very effective visual statement, further detail will not necesarly improve it and may even be distracting.

I see four strong focal areas, palm of the hand, eye, ear cavity and the collar over the face.

You could consider de-emphasising some of these such as the very dark palm of the hand and the hard edge of ear cavity, so that the eye can speak more effectively as the main focal point.

Anyway, the painting is very effective as it is, so please make any additions and changes with caution.


Hi Bob,
Thank you for the time you have taken in your analysis and to write your thoughts in ways to perhaps improve this piece.

The focal areas you have specified here are correct and some are more pronounced like the darkness in the palm of his hand which does bother me also.

Perhaps this is what is drawing me into thinking that his hand and fingers need more work. The lighting utilized here has resulted in hard edges eg; his collar and ear cavity and I quite like these being expressed as such.

You are very right in pointing out the ambiguousness of his eye and this does not have the same definition and may require some additional work.

I am taking a breather though to further reassess, as you are indeed wise in your cautionary advice also, as any alterations could have unwanted outcome.

Thank you again Bob.

Renate said...

Outstanding Patricia-wow I am blown away….


Renate...thank you, glad it’s made an impact.

Helm AAF said...

Hi Perugina - I love love your graphite work! I saw you ask Bob about putting detail in the hand, so I thought I'd just add my two cents worth lol though the Helm economy is probably not as good ;)
I think adding detail to his hand would make it even better. When I first looked at the picture, I thought wow, but I also though would have been better if the hand had its wrinkly knuckles and stuff. The face as we all know, tells about the life of a person, but often the hands reveal more as we do not try to cover up their flaws, their age, like we do with our face. I think detail in them would also add a nice flow to the picture, eyes being drawn left to right and then down through the collar.

But even if you leave it as is, its still a bloody beautiful piece of work.


Aw Helm… your Aussie mates rate of 2c is always a welcome currency with me… LOL

I agree with your comments here on hands. Yes, they can be very telling and can yield expression of their own. Adding some extra detail will not detract from the piece in its entirety.

As I mentioned in my reply to Bob, will re assess this in a week or so, and try to view it with fresh eyes. I do appreciate your feedback regarding this and glad you concur with my thoughts on his hand.

"But even if you leave it as is, its still a bloody beautiful piece of work. " Helm
Your last comment has left me blushing.
Thanks mate!

Anonymous said...

Perugina, this is a cracker.
It’s so deep you feel you are looking into his soul. Not too sure about doing more on the hands & fingers. Perhaps the palm could be toned down some.

By God its good though. So pleased you took a rest from watercolor & came up with these two pieces.

You have so much talent & seem to be able to move from one medium to another with ease. I can see how this must be taking you back to your very early art days. L


L… I am really enjoying my break with watercolour going back to my first love.

I don’t know about “moving from one medium to another with ease” Experimenting with all types of styles and mediums ensures I am never bored. The flip side to this however is that you end up knowing a little of everything and a whole lot of nothing!

I am yet to find my niche in art, I do however know one thing…it’s been the constant in my life and something that has always bought me great happiness.

I was told recently that it is “a journey”… this one, albeit crazy at times and feeling like you are possessed and driven can be frustrating but rewarding.

I appreciate your support here, glad you liked it. Catch up soon when the “ticker” is feeling better.
A presto

Ingrid AAF said...

WOW! Patricia! You draw so well! This is very dramatic - such a change from your soft watercolour ladies.

I agree that the hands do need some further work as I think they look a bit flat in comparison to the face.

I think the darkness in the palm and around the fingernails needs some lightening, also the shadow under the eyes.

But other than that, its great.


Ingrid… thanks for your feedback and support also. It is a contrast from my delicate and feminine Watercolour Ladies. I have enjoyed my return to graphite.
Thanks for your advice here on his hands, seems to be the consensus so far.

Cheryl said...

Not Just a Man but a WORK OF ART What talent you have Patricia. Your drawings are Breathtaking. I thought your talent was Watercolour, because you are so good at it , but after seeing these, your talent definately lies in your drawing. These are AMAZING.
Hugs to you.


Cheryl... you have made me blush. Thank you for such a heartfelt comment on my latest graphite. I do have a passion for drawing, and love being in the drivers seat with it, unlike watercolour where there is that element of the unpredictable, which is fascinating but frustrating.

Sweetmango AAF said...

Nice work PG!! Very moody piece, has a feel of 'old world' movie stars, handsome MEN!!
I would also say the fingers need a touch up, only because I think the depth given to the face is let down somewhat with the fingers, they feel flat, without dimension.

But as Helm said:
"even if you leave it as is, its still a bloody beautiful piece of work."

Winnierose AAF said...

I'm agreeing with Ingrid ( oh, should I say, I love it, before i nitpick?) I love the face, such character, but my eyes are drawn to the fingernails- can you just break the continuous line a little? And the dark of the palms and ears need to be softened. Love the lost edges on the back of the hand and head.......great piece.

afterdark AAF said...

oh that is great work! You must be pleased:)

PixieRobyn AAF said...

I love it, so dark and detailed :D

Michelle K AAF said...

Thats an awesome drawing. I love his nose and the crinkles around his eye. I think too his hands would look better with some creases on his knuckles and some weathering to his nails.

It really is a great piece.


SM…Thanks also for your constructive comments here. In the short break I’ve had looking at this piece it is evident his hands require more detail. They are as you say “flat.” I’m so happy I asked the question here.
He does have an ‘old world’ movie star quality…

Winnierose… (you are free to ‘nitpick’ in any manner you like.) I certainly welcome comments that point out what needs more work or doesn’t work in the piece and if this is balanced out with what is right then I appreciate that too. I want to improve on it if i am able to. So thanks for your thoughts on his fingernails, palms and ears. Will certainly assess these and all the comments made here before I make any alterations.

Daniel… Thanks for stopping by. Pleased with many aspects in this piece. I look forward to improving each time.

PixieRobyn…Appreciate you dropping in to leave your thoughts.

Michelle K… Thanks for your thoughts, most concur with his hands needing work, ‘creases and weathering’ may be the order of the day today.

emkay AAF said...

Wow Perugina!

It is a stunning piece of work. I do think the hand is a little flat, but there is so much depth going on in the rest of it and I love, LOVE love his coat.

You should do detailed drawings of fabric hanging off pegs. the stitching and button are fab.....


Emkay… Thank you for your comments here. You are very much into clothes I see from your works and also having dropped into your blog from time to time, glad you love the small details in his coat collar, thank you.
I have never thought of fabric and pegs,(blowing in the breeze, folds..etc) perhaps reminding me too much of house chores…LOL …classic looking men in tailored clothing perhaps…ummmm… much nicer but thanks for the suggestion.

Peter said...

Same comments as with “Memory Of His Face”,
except, this time you know what I mean by them. :)

Annie said...

this is fantastic! like someone else said above, i am blown away also !


Thank you Peter. :)

Hi Annie... thanks for stopping by, appreciate your support, glad you like it.

Sandy said...

Patricia,you are definitely a woman of many talents! Both these tonal images are excellent!Fantastic tonal range!

Ron Richmond said...

Wow, that's graphite with a big G. Love to see it live.


Sandy...thank you for your encouraging and supportive comments. Glad you like the two graphite pieces, I enjoyed creating them and seeing them come to life on paper.

I have come to understand a few things during this brief break from watercolour... my love of drawing and the control I have over it is perhaps what holds me back in the handling of watercolour, and although I love the spontaneity of this medium where those accomplished artists allow it to do “its thing” I still grapple with this element and insist on restraining it.

Ron... thank you for your support. Perhaps you will see this at the next seasonal show.

Nick said...

It's a very powerful piece, Patricia! Love the composition, the circular motion, and the shapes. I agree you could go further with the hand, but I like the areas where it's less-finished. The only other thing I can think of is maybe the edge that defines the bottom of the face is too hard (?)

WAYNE said...

This is a very powerful and mature piece. There is an integrity and an empathy that is the sign of true art.

Your blog is a piece of art in itself! It's my first visit, hopefully the first of many.

I'm an Aussie too and lived for many years in Sydney and know the Norman Lindsay gallery well. His figurative watercolours, especially the light and luminosity of his work, inspired me too.

Anyway, I congratulate you again not only on this graphite piece but also the diversity of art so evident everywhere I look on this blog!

cheers ~w


NNG… Great to have feedback from the incredible artistic eye of Nick Simmons, on this my latest piece and glad you think it’s powerful!
The composition appealing to you, as it did to me also pleases me. Working in some extra detailing into his hand can only add to it.
There has been some mention of that hard edge on his face created by the strong light hitting his collar causing the deep shadow. It could be subdued somewhat, however as an 8B was utilised here, any erasing may yield unexpected results, alternatively I could soften it by smudging. Thanks for raising this, it will be something I consider before exhibiting it.


Wayne… I am left speechless!
To have you visit my blog/home and to have left such an encouraging comment on this piece and “diversity of art… everywhere” has left me blushing!

You are most welcome here and hope you visit often.

Your feedback and support as well as the link are much appreciated and now that you have started blogging will reciprocate.

Your talent with watercolour is amazing!
There is definitely much to see that is wonderful on your website and I’m sure your new blog will be also.

PS… A Linsday fan is always a friend of mine! How could anyone not love his work.

David Burge said...

Yeah Patricia, I think it's healthy for artists to keep moving between media as it invariably keeps you fresh and enlivens your work.
You're a very accomplished pencil swinger.


Hi David, “accomplished pencil swinger” – cute and thanks. It’s encouraging to have your opinion on this, for I do fear the “master of none” dilemma. Great to have you back into the “swing of things” after your brief break on the blog. Will look forward to seeing the wonderful artistry of David Burge!
Stay in touch and awesome to have your support.