Mrs Willow aka Sandra Wilson comes to Sydney

My first words to Sandra when i laid eyes on her and hugged her were
"You are real!"

Sandra and i intially met through an online art forum in 2007, and ever since then have been comunicating with each other the last three years through redbubble, our art blogs and video link through skype.
It was indeed surreal and a thrill to finally meet when she visited in Sydney last week.

Knowing Sandra has been wonderful, for she is always there with kind words of encouragement,
time, wisdom and balanced viewpoint.
She is only too happy to cast her artistic eye over my work and i value this 
for she is an accomplished artist working in many mediums, mainly in watercolour.

Most of all i greatly appreciate her friendship
and i have come to love her for all the support and love she extends to me.

Safe trip home Sandra
and i hope that one day i too can visit you in country Victoria.
all my love

Sandra's blog

I have chosen to show some of Sandra's watercolour works which are my favourites.

woman in the mirror

a pair of pears

girl reading

make me cry

inspired by the large full moon of
saturday 8th august 2009

tuesday 11th august, 2009

My apologies for not showing anything new here.
I was revisiting some of my past work today and
thought i'd post this one again with some words i recently read.

When people want to be insulting,
all they need do is accuse someone of having their head in the clouds
or being lost in a fantasy.
It's a cheap and easy form of attack,
and it is so unfair.

Reality is different for each one of us.
Nobody can put their hand on their heart and say,

'I understand what's actually going on in this Universe.'

We can always try to influence the opinions that others have of us, but we cannot control these.
We have no power to force people to see us in a particular way
if they have already made up their mind to do so without taking the time to know us. 
Nor can we afford to worry too much if they get the wrong idea about
who we are and what we are all about.
If you are doing your best, your best will be good enough.
jonathan cainer

 i write..
be kind to each other
show compassion and understanding
for the World is more than we know
and who knows what the Universe has in store for Us
each experience will have us grow into who we will be at the end of our days
we can be certain of only some things
we are all unique in our way of thinking, seeing, feeling and expressing
we are all precious
all needing support
all needing love
in some form
dal cuore
sunday 9th may, 2010

perugina art © 2009 patricia vannucci