make me cry

inspired by the large full moon of
saturday 8th august 2009

tuesday 11th august, 2009

My apologies for not showing anything new here.
I was revisiting some of my past work today and
thought i'd post this one again with some words i recently read.

When people want to be insulting,
all they need do is accuse someone of having their head in the clouds
or being lost in a fantasy.
It's a cheap and easy form of attack,
and it is so unfair.

Reality is different for each one of us.
Nobody can put their hand on their heart and say,

'I understand what's actually going on in this Universe.'

We can always try to influence the opinions that others have of us, but we cannot control these.
We have no power to force people to see us in a particular way
if they have already made up their mind to do so without taking the time to know us. 
Nor can we afford to worry too much if they get the wrong idea about
who we are and what we are all about.
If you are doing your best, your best will be good enough.
jonathan cainer

 i write..
be kind to each other
show compassion and understanding
for the World is more than we know
and who knows what the Universe has in store for Us
each experience will have us grow into who we will be at the end of our days
we can be certain of only some things
we are all unique in our way of thinking, seeing, feeling and expressing
we are all precious
all needing support
all needing love
in some form
dal cuore
sunday 9th may, 2010

perugina art © 2009 patricia vannucci


Christiane Kingsley said...

Perugina, It is so nice to see this beautiful, touching watercolor again.
Your words ring so true and add a new dimension to your artwork, making them almost inseparable.

Tito said...

Perugina, in questo momento il mio animo è in sintonia con il tuo bellissimo acquerello. Sono appena rientrato a casa dopo essere stato a passeggiare con il mio cane. Durante il tragitto di ritorno in auto, ho involontariamente investito e ucciso un merlo (blackbird), è stato un attimo, non potuto fare niente. Mi sono fermato ma per la piccola bestiola non c'era niente da fare. La cosa mi ha messo addosso molta tristezza. Sai perchè? Perchè proprio stamattina ho voluto fare una strada diversa per tornare a casa, se avessi percorso la solita strada quel merlo ed io non ci saremmo mai incontrati e lui sarebbe ancora vivo! Questo fatto mi ha confermato come la vita di ogni essere vivente sia in fondo appesa a un filo che per niente può rompersi. Un grande abbraccio. Tito.

mario said...

Un grande abbraccio, ciao Perugina!

cabap said...

wonderful job my friend !!!!
big hugs,
jan :)

Wendi. S. said...

This is one of my faves' Love seeing some of your photos also. And love the fact youre having violin lessons. I learnt years ago back in the days when I never took myself seriously.

Nick said...

I remember it, I love that one!

wayne said...

Hi PG, this is
High art - truly beautiful.
Direct and serenely powerful.

The painting and words, (like the eyes of a portrait that can 'follow' the viewer wherever he/she may be, and from whatever angle) seem also able *to follow* in principle, resonating with the reader/viewer, and speaking with a directness, one-to-one.. that's how it seems to me..
re-finding and refining a harmony where perhaps there has (or had) been a discord.
incredibly calming to the mind, restorative,
affirmative, compassionate.

Truly exquisite art dal cuore.

Your photographs and writing about the violin are also powerful in their lyricism and poise, artful, so incredibly well composed..

Brilliant art, PG.
an absolute credit to your vision
your humanity, and kindness.

striking and rarefied vision :)
best wishes,

Rory said...

I just love this piece P...great concept and wonderful combination of words and image...Congratulations.