Mrs Willow aka Sandra Wilson comes to Sydney

My first words to Sandra when i laid eyes on her and hugged her were
"You are real!"

Sandra and i intially met through an online art forum in 2007, and ever since then have been comunicating with each other the last three years through redbubble, our art blogs and video link through skype.
It was indeed surreal and a thrill to finally meet when she visited in Sydney last week.

Knowing Sandra has been wonderful, for she is always there with kind words of encouragement,
time, wisdom and balanced viewpoint.
She is only too happy to cast her artistic eye over my work and i value this 
for she is an accomplished artist working in many mediums, mainly in watercolour.

Most of all i greatly appreciate her friendship
and i have come to love her for all the support and love she extends to me.

Safe trip home Sandra
and i hope that one day i too can visit you in country Victoria.
all my love

Sandra's blog

I have chosen to show some of Sandra's watercolour works which are my favourites.

woman in the mirror

a pair of pears

girl reading


Nick said...

I guess my invitation was lost in the mail! :( Hope you two had fun, and that woman in the mirror painting might be my fave also, it's a beauty.

perugina said...

Hi NNG, we had a giggle or two as you do!
PS.. Were your ears burning?

Wendi. S. said...

How wonderful to catch up with Sandie, She does paint wonderful watercolours, but I do love the woman in the mirror. The art forum has been a wonderful part of my art life and I've recieved lots of inspiration from many on there, including yourself. Love the photo of yourself and Sandie. XXX

Sandy said...

Thank you Patricia,for your lovely words about my visit to Sydney.You have paid me the most amazing compliment by "featuring" my visit ..and some of my work, on your blog
It was wonderful to meet you and I did very much enjoy your hospitality. Not only are you a dear friend and an excellent artist, but a wonderful cook as well!

Hi Nick (waving)
My trip to Sydney was a birthday gift from my beautiful and thoughtful daughter, Alison.
The whole trip was just wonderful...and Sydney was perfect ..sunny and brilliant as only Sydney can be.
The big bonus was meeting Patricia!
This year year ...who knows!!

perugina said...

Hi there Wendi, thank you for leaving a comment here, one i am sure our Mrs Willow will be thrilled to read!
Sandra has made wonderful contributions to the art forum we speak about and many others on the net, and needless to say it is wonderful to have such support from an accomplished artist with the extensive experience she has had working also as an art teacher.
Wendi, i will always remember your contributions there, and to know that we both continue to support each other running our own art blogs is a grand thing in my book!
With that said i thank you so much for your time and ever considerate feedback providing me with inspiration!
(((hugs and love)))

perugina said...

Sandra, i am only too happy to feature our meeting here on the blog.. and i was thrilled as you know to finally meet you after discussing so many times that you were coming to Sydney, and finally you did via the generosity of your loving daughter Alison.

You are very kind and complimentary yourself towards me.. it was interesting to hear you comment when you viewed some of my watercolour works IRL and i was extremely happy you said they looked so much more beautiful up close and in frames - Sandra to have you say this made my heart leap... and to have you eat at my table made my heart full.
Please return soon.

Krista Hasson said...

What a beautiful story :) It is amazing the connections and bonds that can grow over the internet, you are very lucky to have found such friendship.

perugina said...

Hi Krista, it is indeed as you say "It is amazing the connections and bonds that can grow over the internet."
Over the last three years of blogging, i have encountered a few special people i refer to as rare diamonds.. Sandra is one of these & to know her i consider myself blessed.
Ciao e un abbraccio.

Tito said...

Ciao Patricia, come va? Volevo ringraziarti per le tue visite e per i tuoi commenti sul mio blog. Sei sempre gentile. In questi giorni non ho avuto molto tempo per il computer, oggi è sabato ed è una giornata più tranquilla.
Interessante la tua storia con Sandra, deve essere davvero bello conoscere una persona dal "vivo", dopo averla conosciuta solo "virtualmente".
Bella la foto di voi due insieme, è un vero piacere vederti anche al "naturale", oltre che sulle tue magnifiche foto artistiche. Ciao, un abbraccio. Tito.

perugina said...

Ciao Tito, bello che mi vieni a trovare spesso, io purtroppo in questi giorni non c’e la faccio a dare tutto quel tempo che vorrei dedicare accausa che mi sento senza energia, ma debbo dire che faccio del mio meglio.. anch’io vorrei essere piu` vicina per loro che mi stanno sempre accanto, come voi.. non so come ringraziarti.
E stato davvero tanto bello incontrare Sandra dal ‘vivo’ come dici.. e si.. mi vedi finalmente ‘naturale’ – ma anche spero ben messa.. beh lo spero!
Un abbraccio come sempre
dal cuore

Tito said...

Non preoccuparti, anche al naturale sei splendida!
Un abbraccio!

joel said...

wow! great to see you and Sandy together! HOW EXCITING!

what do you mean "if you visit Victoria"? man, you could get here in like 15 minutes if you really tried.

yeah and what Nicky said about the mirror painting too. it is wonderful.

i assume i wasn't mentioned at your giggle-fest. *sigh* - sometimes i do feel old and discarded. (i am also an over-dramatic tragic). hee.

perugina said...

Hi Joel,
You..Old and discarded.. NEVER! We love you!
Yes you are correct, i could get to Victoria.. 15 minutes? Ummm
It would be very nice to make a trip to visit Sandra..
and you too! :)

Shelley Whiting said...

A very moving and cryptic face. I love how the eye is the most visible thing in the picture. The tears are very lovely and mysterious.