do you really see me?

watercolour on arches
300 gsm cp fine

57 x 38 cm


in the movement of tall dry grass
as leaves fall from trees
in the dust as it fills the air
it whispers as it passes you by
you will know i am here
for you will breathe my breath
look into my eyes
open for a short while
and you will see the movement
sweeping over plains

shifting sand

leaving this place

will you know i was here?

do you really see me?

la perugina

friday 2nd october, 2009
moon waxing gibbous 96% of full

perugina art © 2009 patricia vannucci


Tito said...

Incantevole!! Gli occhi di questo volto sanno catturare il mio sguardo, al punto che non riesco a smettere di guardarlo.......... difficile dire se sei realmente è bello pensarlo ed io credo di si!! Bravissima Perugina!

Miriam said...

ciao Patricia!!! Splendido, bellissimo sia l'acquerello che ciò che hai scritto: emozionante. Un grandissimo e caro saluto!

Krista Hasson said...

Very beautiful and striking, your eyes are stunning! nice feel to this Perugina

Christiane Kingsley said...

This is simply beautiful and ethereal. The eyes are haunting and the diagonals created by the hair and the background translate perfectly the ghostlike movement described in your poetry. This is a perfect example of two different artistic expressions supporting or complementing each other superbly.

Jade E. Henderson said...

beeeeeeeeautiful PG! Definatley you in those eyes. Hope you are well, I haven't been in the land of blog for a while :D

Anonymous said...

Another beautiful painting.
I certainly can see you!
The colours are so deep & yet clear. Again your treatment of the eyes is very special. You seem to always get them right.
Beautiful words too.
Great work. Love it.

Anonymous said...

PS (to my earlier comment)
This reminds me of your self portrait work, but different colours. I love them both.

perugina said...

Ciao Tito, Sono contenta che dal tuo punto di vista me dici "non riesco a smettere di guardarlo" Mi auguro che questo volto e soprattutto i suoi occhi ingaggiare lo spettatore – ed e` proprio cosi mi fai capire nel tuo commento. Sei verramente molto gentile che continui a trovarmi qui incoraggiando con il tuo continuo sostegnio – sono molto contenta per questo. Gl’occhi sono quelli del la perugina.
Un abbraccio.

Ciao Miriam!!, grazie tanto per il tuo commento sia sul aquarello e la poesia. Per queste cose - nella pittura e poesie, credo che te sei la mia anima gemella!
Un abbraccio

Hi Krista, thanking you for your continued support and your very kind thoughts on this piece. My wish is to be able to paint eyes accurately with some realism - i feel i am a little closer to realising this.

Hi Christiane, your kind & thoughtful feedback here leaves me especially encouraged, thank you! As i was creating this, i thought about your recent comment in one of your blog posts, ”Paintings are an expression of our feelings, of our vision of the world. In many ways, they are part of us”. Of late, for me personally this is becoming more and more the case.

Hi Jade, thank you (((blush))). I am well thank you and trust you are the same.
Sometimes we need to take a break from our passions to come back with renewed enthusiasm. (((hugs)))

Hi L, your continued support and thoughts on this piece are too kind!
That you can see me in this, is a wonderful comment - thank you.
In my earlier reply to Krista, I feel a little closer to achieving some realism in the eyes – not quite tho!
L, Your praise is always too high, I’m afraid my paintings always seem better in my imagination and more often than not they do not reach my expectations because of my limitations or they take off in an entirely different direction than what was planned. Perhaps it is in its flaws, like in diamonds, that makes them unique at the moment of their creation under enormous pressure – creating a watercolour painting is as such for me – and you also know that i liken people to diamonds – each precious in their individuality.
Thank you for seeing me.
Thank you also for your additional kind comment.

Pencil Sanity said...

Another stunning painting from you. You have captured the eyes so daunting. Beautiful!

perugina said...

Thanking you Maria once again for your support by way of popping in and leaving your kind thoughts/feedback. Your new backyard keeping you away from drawing and blogosphere i see - looks good (!) and a project which will bring much joy – loving gardening myself i know how rewarding this will be for you – enjoy!
Thank you again for visiting, leaves me most encouraged :)
Will keep watch as I have now added you to my blog roll :)

Billie Crain said...

Your poetry is as lovely as your art, Perugina! This particular poem made me think of my favorite poet, Edna St. Vincent Millay. You may enjoy her work yourself. 'Renascence and Other Poems' is my favorite collection. Renascenece and Bluebeard are a must read. You can find both poems online.

Sandy said...

Beautiful work Patricia. you have returned with new and beautiful directions.
I love the format,the looseness and the limited colour.The focus on the eyes is magic!

Wendi. S. said...

When I opened up your blog. my breathe caught in my throat. Thats what we want to do isn't it??? we want to enchante the viewer as you have done me. Well done my friend.

joel said...

wow. pg. wow. this is a stunning display of masterful simplicity. yet it is so far from simple. i like that you kept the hair simple. i would have added primary streaks (phthalo blue, opera and indian yellow) to mimic the dark streaks. but that is me and i cannot leave color alone.

you have left it simpler. that is a statement on the elegance of your mind and thinking and working.

i love it.

well done.


-- joel.

F.M.Marrouch said...

Inmpresionante mirada y fantástica composición, una maravilla.

Nick said...

furtively feline! Coco is watching...

wayne said...

This painting captures much regarding 'the spirit of watercolour'. Although watercolour can be used in many different ways, in this work you've allowed the flow quality of the medium to be a very active player, as well as giving 'back-runs' free-rein. These diagonal watercolour flowing rivulets are balanced by the superbly painted eyes, both in terms of relative placement, direction of gaze, and light! This is a really good work imo!!
Best wishes,

perugina said...

Hi Billy.. Thank you for this kind comment on my art and poetry particularly sharing with me some of your favourite poems by Edna St. Vincent Millay - Renascenece and Bluebeard, thank you! :) - will drive over to the site and have a read online.
One of the many wonderful aspects of running a blog is the interaction with artists such as yourself who willingly give of their time offering encouragement but also sharing in their thoughts and experiences, leaving a little of themselves here too – e` fantastico!

Hi Sandra.. - ”new and beautiful directions” is a beautiful word picture bringing to mind ‘firecrackers’, particularly those that burst into large stars then travel a short distance before breaking apart into smaller stars zigzagging as they cut across the night sky - thank you for those lovely thoughts – sending you a starburst! :)

Hi Wendi.. Your lovely comment sure made me smile upon receiving it. To be able to charm/captivate the viewer in some way is wonderful – that you tell me I have done this here leaves me very encouraged – (((hugs)))

Hi Joel.. thank you Joel for your very kind words. I can assure you it’s not a case of masterful simplicity at all, but more of, “I’d best keep the colours to a minium because I don’t understand it” – I desire to be able to paint with colour as you do, allowing the colour to speak as it does in nature. This is most evident in your beautiful work – the latest being Frost Killing Hour series – (((sigh))) when and where are those lessons happening?
Thank you for your continued support and encouragement.

Thank you Francis for these kind thoughts, much appreciated.

Hi NNG.. meow! and i dearly hope so :)

Again thank you Wayne for your time and very kind thoughts. Re watercolour - it is one of my great desires to be able to paint allowing ” the flow quality of the medium to be a very active player”. It is a most difficult thing for me as i have an inclination to drawing where you have all the control. That you say the painting ” captures much regarding 'the spirit of watercolour'.” is a huge compliment. Your support by way of the technical feedback you give leaves me encouraged.
grazie molto

Ana Hernandez said...

Perugina,bellisima tu acuarela,unos ojos preciosos.un saludo

Italo said...

CIAO è bellissimo!!! Il soggetto è una bellissima e romantica donna quindi.. lo spero per le persone che ti stanno vicino :D PS: invidia artistica aumeeeeeeeeeeenta!

David Burge said...

Nice SP Perugina! Your méthode de révélation is very stylish. Well done!

SERGIG said...


perugina said...

Please accept my sincerest apologies for my tardy replies here.. it’s not like me to be so absentminded. :-/

Hola Ana, Gracias por tus pensamientos. usted es siempre muy bienvenida. Admiro mucho sus acuarelas y tener sus pensamientos en la mía me hace muy feliz.

Ciao Italo, sei sempre molto gentile con i tuoi complimenti. Spero che stai bene e non c’e niente da invidiare.
Un abbraccio.

Hi David, Don’t know what else to say except for a simple Merci for those words kind sir. :)

Ciao Sergig, sei troppo carino, grazie.

Morgaine said...

This is very beautiful!