Work In Progress

Blue Swimmer Dinner
Still Life

29 x 21 cm

Watercolour on Arches

I had so much fun with my last WIP
‘The Black Vintage Vase’
which won the
'Most Popular Viewer's Choice - Summer Awards 2008'

a small seasonal show last week,
conducted by my local art society of which
I am a member,
and had such an overwhelming response all round
that it has spurred me on to do another.
On holidays last week in

a place called

Sunset Beach

on the NSW North Coast
is the setting where the inspiration came for this second WIP.
so many beautiful spots here that

‘scream to be painted’

however what do I do when visiting the

Local Fisherman’s Co op…
(exceptional seafood)
is first shop for a variety of tasty
‘fruits of the sea’
for a
‘linguine marinara’
to end all ‘linguine marinaras!’
Then make sure that the
‘star performer’
is a beauty!

This Blue Swimmer Crab specimen
fulfilled two roles...
the obvious one being its
destiny for the cooking pot…

the other …

a great subject to paint with all those wonderful variations in colour!
Hence the inspiration for the title!
I quickly photographed the crab on a large, round, white dinner plate,
as he was going to be devoured that night
and he would no longer be around for
the next couple of days it would take me to complete this.


Sandra Wilson said...

Hey Perugina!

I just popped in for a quick look at your blog and saw you are painting Blue swimmer crabs.

I love blue swimmer crabs!! (not to eat, but to paint)

I painted some years ago...i have got them somewhere...I'll look today sometime and see if I can find them...I'll send you a photo.
I will be watching how your painting develops.

LOL Sandra.


Hey Sandy,

Thanks for dropping in, will look forward to seeing your 'crusty delights', sorry to hear you don't like to eat them... more for me I guess!

Thanks for your support!

Jeanette said...

This really caught my eye - maybe because I see them here in my area and love to eat them. Your talent for colors is very evident in this painting.


Jeanette, a fellow crab lover I see!
I'm entering this one in the BAS 50th Annual Art Show 2008 in my area which will be held this month - July.

Thank you for you kind comment on the piece... I am thinking of painting another ...this time the underside of the creature... will have to hunt down the perfect specimen!