senza foglie
without leaves

watercolour & gouache
arches 300 gsm cp

tree forms are the white of the paper
where masking fluid was utilized

36 x 56cm

i haven't painted anything since losing Bu, and haven't had the motivation or inspiration to do much of anything except for the necessary stuff which needs doing.
anyhow.. thought i'd re-post this watercolour i painted in August to move my blog along, as well as having a play with installing some music.
some time ago i mentioned listening to a compilation called Buddha-bar (of which they have many), i managed to find a few of my favourite tracks with visuals, care of YouTube. The first featuring here, Gesso's Guitar by Mystic Rhythms Band appeals to me on many levels - so was a must have with its many amazingly beautiful photographs featuring the planet which rules the Zodiac sign Cancer. Put together by Melanie, it is her tribute to the Moon, and i find it simply stunning.
i guess all i can say is it inspired me to upload something - even if it meant an old painting which you have probably already seen.
hope you are all well and painting up a storm..
enjoy the track
a presto

perugina art © 2009 patricia vannucci


Anonymous said...


It does not matter if you are not Motivated or Inspired.

You do Inspire Us and Motivate Us without your knowing!

Loredana said...

Nice painting...
Painting art like most of the arts comes from the heart, you need inspiratin and the right mood to get into the art and take this little piece of you ouside. Y tell nothing new if your heart isn't rich and inspired you can't produce, no-one can understand this better than an other artist out of the mood like me right now.

I wish you can get higher soon.

Tito said...

Senza non per questo senza vita!! Intensa e suggestiva la tua opera.....bella anche la musica che l'accompagna. Un abbraccio. Tito.

Pencil Sanity said...

The painting is very beautiful and unique take on it. I love the music it is something I would love to listen to while creating art. I wish I had some soothing words for you on the loss of Bu. Just remember that he was in this world to enrich it for you and you embraced him and his love.

Billie Crain said...

I absolutely love this! I think I already told you. It's so magical.:)

Sheila E. said...

So Beautiful and Mystical,it speaks to my soul.

perugina said...

Ciao Tito, Grazie ancora per il tuo sostegnio e anche per le tue belle parole che lasci qui sempre.
Un abbraccio anche da me.

Hi sms, that was such a lovely thing to have said.
Thank you.

Hi Loredana,
” You tell nothing new if your heart isn't rich and inspired you can't produce, no-one can understand this better than an other artist.”
You have expressed this beautifully, non non c'è storia senza il cuore che lo racconta.
i wish the inspiration & motivation you seek finds you soon.

Hi Maria, Thank you for your kind words yet again.
la musica mi porta via questo momento
The music takes me away in this moment.

Hi Billie, Thanking you again for your feedback on this painting and also for your ongoing support.

Hi Sheila and welcome!
Glad it connected with you and for taking the time to share your thoughts with me.

Ana Hernandez said...

Hola Perugina,me parece un trabajo precioso,me encanta.un saludo Ana

perugina said...

Hola Ana, gracias de nuevo por su apoyo. Vengo a encontrar aquí en mi blog me hace muy feliz. Mi encoraggia mucho. Su trabajo en acuarela es un encanto!
Todo lo que un buen un saludo.

wayne said...

Thanks for posting this beautiful watercolour again together (this time) with music that adds an ethereal dimension. I too have found myself unable to paint much just lately, and have also turned to music more to nourish something that feels in need of nourishment. I guess most artists who paint over many years need to occasionally pause and recharge the batteries :) Take care and take things easy, is good for the soul

luigi said...

Ciao, passo volentieri per farti visita... la suggestione di questo lavoro è davvero alta. E' come se al posto degli alberi ci fosse un vuoto che tuttavia mantiene la loro forma. Il gioco di intrecci sul terreno poi è molto godibile. Con simpatia. Luigi.

cabap said...

Amazing as alwaysPerugina,
may you and your family have a great Xmas and New Year ,
jan :)

perugina said...

Hi guys.. my sincere apologies for totally over looking these comments.. I don’t know how this has happened.. I’m feeling very bad about this, however better late than never.

Wayne.. thank you for leaving a comment on this work, for your comforting words and understanding.. i hope you are finding solace in your music at this time, more specifically.. in the beautiful music of the violin.

Luigi.. Grazie per aver scritto un bel commento, e per dirmi che cosa vedi te con i tuoi occhi.. siete sempre ben accolto a passare in qualsiasi momento con la tua sensibilità artistica!

Jan.. thank you for your repeat visit, your feedback is always valued. Cant believe its March already!!!!