A Simple Gardenia

30 X 10 cm
Watercolour on Arches


Simply... my favourite flower!


Julie said...

Just wanted to let you know that your artwork is fantastic and if I was in a financial position to buy it, it would surely hang on my wall. I used to paint, draw and even weld, but due to my arthritis I can no longer enjoy that hobby or career, however, I felt that yours inspired me to drop you a line. Hope your career goes well with you.

Also, since I have been a fan of Austin Steven's for years, I enjoyed the wedding photos too! I am an administrator of his unauthorized fan site and also have a passion for snakes, in fact, I own one who's name just happens to be Austin. Perhaps Mrs. Stevens would get a kick out of knowing this since you are a friend of hers. I will include a photo of him just in case. He is an Tri-colored Honduran Milksnake who is 7 ft. long and has the sweetest disposition. I also breed and sell rare tropical fish. Even though I can't do my artwork anymore, just having living things in my company gives my soul joy. I also have a cat who think's he's my son and will carry on a conversation with anyone who will listen..LOL!

Anyway, I wish you the best in the future and a great lifetime of happiness.

Julie Hatch


Hey Julie,

Thanks so much for letting me know your thoughts regarding my artwork, I'm happy that you liked it enough to send me this gmail.

I'm sorry to know that your arthritis is keeping you from your passion, perhaps you can get back to it purely from a therapeutic stance, even if it's only in small sessions each day.

Thanks for letting me know about you being an Austin Steven's fan!

I keep in touch with Amy most days and will let her know about your passion for snakes and that you have called your Tri-coloured Honduran Milksnake after her husband! Thanks for sharing the pictures.

I have to agree with your thoughts on animals giving joy to your soul. I have two precious cats that share my life here, and they are my joy and are very much a part of life here at home. Especially Chocky... he has taken up Coco's mantle keeping me company every second of the day.

Hope you had a chance to visit Coco's Blog, (I still grieve for her and I have had no other cat like her... she was so special) and no doubt you have seen pictures of my two beautiful cats that own me!

Take care and much happiness to you as well.

Giulia said...

Hi darling,

I am so glad you have received my little little Paris gift. It looks lovely on you. I'm happy you liked it.

Next time I will look for a new bag....I thinks Ada's one is a bit old now.

Let me have more photos of your paintings...I love to see them

Baci baci




I absolutely love the scarf… it's gorgeous like you!

Ada’s bag is a classic… and it still looks wonderful… I wear it mainly in the winter months and depending on what a wear at night going out … Let her know that I certainly have made use of it and it’s probably the best black bag I have ever owned… and forse lo debbo conservarlo per sempre!

Adesso basta!
If you really want to send me something… could you send me Giulia, per un mesetto!

Where are your Paris photos?

Don’t think I have forgotten about these… ummmmm…

I’m waiting….