Goals For 2008

Setting goals scares me


if there is no plan,

like a journey,
one does not know when they have arrived at their destination!

I can’t believe we are mid way through January!
So here goes...

Tomorrow sees my
Membership Renewal for my local Art Society,
where I will continue to exhibit through their yearly and seasonal shows.

Yes...I will be enrolling for another gruelling year of
trying to grapple with

“this monster”

It’s a love hate relationship!
I will continue my tuition with
Local Artist

Norma Jones

I am also seeking to join a few more Art Societies
in the
Sydney Metropolitan Area
and to participate in their
yearly and seasonal shows and exhibits.

As there are so many great societies,
I have spent the holidays researching them
and I have a short list
which I will choose from in the next couple of weeks.
Artistic Goals
Expanding my collection of
‘Watercolour Ladies’
Adding to my collection of
‘Ladies and the Instruments They Play’
Expanding my knowledge of watercolour through
more practical experience,
painting in class and in my studio,
attending workshops,
attending demonstrations,
talking to other artists,
reading and research.

Dedicating one day a week to painting other than the time allocated in class.
Expanding on my Artist Support Network through Internet and through
various Art Societies in Sydney.
Expanding my computer knowledge to make more
use of this wonderful tool


The promotion of my work
Communicating with my ASN
Information relating to art
The use of photography
Improvements in art work

Completing more works in watercolour this year than the previous year.
Continuing to promote my work through various Art Societies in Sydney of which I will be a member.
Expanding my own collection of Photographic Reference Images
and camera use.
Continuing to promote my work through the consignment of paintings
through various outlets in the Greater Sydney Area.
Painting acrylic works on all the large and extra large canvases stock piled in 2007
and using my beautiful big easel that was given to me as a gift!
Thankyou Mum & Dad!
...Probably the most important one of all...
Tidy My Studio!

Congratulations Amy & Austin

I would like to extend my congratulations to my friend Amy who wed Austin Stevens in Namibia, South West Africa, on 7th December 2007.

They were not able to marry in Australia due to Austin's current film schedule, they had a lovely day in Austin's hometown of Swakopmund instead and figured it would be a bit far for any of her Aussie friends to attend!

After losing Coco, I met Amy who was instrumental in Chocky finding his way into our home and hearts.

Ever since then, she continues to keep in touch with me and to enquire after Chocky’s welfare. She has also taken me on her journey to Namibia, South West Africa and shared through emails her adventures with her now husband Austin.

Love to you Amy
Keep in touch & take care

See you when you get back.

Article taken from The Daily Telegraph in Sydney Confidential below
BEING kept awake by the spine-chilling roars of a nearby pride of lions may not be everyone's idea of a dream honeymoon, but what can you expect when you marry Austin "Snakemaster" Stevens?

North Rocks-raised Amy Wilcher tied the knot with South Africa's answer to Steve Irwin - the star of the pay TV series Austin Stevens' Most Dangerous - in his home town in Namibia last month. They honeymooned in Etosha National Park.

The pair, who met outside a Sydney restaurant when Wilcher recognised the 57-year-old from his film Seven Deadly Strikes, will return in May.

Amy & Austin
On their Wedding Day
7th December 2007

Namibia Desert
South West Africa